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Jared Johnson - Fine Artist

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Hey fellow art lovers, thanks for stopping by. I’m Jared, I create the paintings you see here in our galleries, and my lovely wife Michelle takes many of the great photos that I use to paint with. We’re just a happy couple from the usually frozen state of Minnesota who prefer staying in and painting while watching reruns of CSI, to a night out on the town. We love taking pictures together. When we’re out we trade cameras, one of us gets to use the “good” camera, while the other shoots with the iphone. : ) Michelle (a Graphic Designer by day) is my inspiration and idea maker. She sees the little things I would otherwise miss. After a day of taking photos and just taking in the intense beauty of God’s creation, when we get back home it’s my job to take the best photos into the studio and paint over them digitally using Corel Paint. I love digital painting! Every now and then I miss actually pouring out and mixing real paint and brushing it on the canvas, but I LOVE how easy it is to simply select the color of paint I want, the type of brush I want to use, the canvas type, etc…and then in seconds I’m ready to go. And the best part of painting digitally…no clean up!! : ) As you can tell from our galleries, I’m a giant nerd. I love Superhero and Star Wars movies, so naturally I love creating art depicting the characters from those movies. I also really enjoy various styles of Chinese and Japanese art and try to use those art forms to fit my creations. Most important to me though are my Christian paintings. Jesus saved me only a few years ago and without Him I would be nothing. So I love creating artwork that honors Him and shares Him with others. If you've been going through life without Him but want to know more about Him, or have questions that you need answers to, please feel free to check out our other website at Everything there is free, we don’t want anything from you, we just hope that if you don’t already know Him that you can find peace, love, and eternal life with Christ. We hope you have fun looking through our galleries. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments. We also do commission work if you need something special done. Thanks again for visiting with us, hopefully we’ll see you again soon! Jared and Michelle Johnson

Jared Johnson joined Pixels on November 3rd, 2012.