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Jeanne Bencich-Nations - Fine Artist

About Jeanne Bencich-Nations

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I have a great passion for wild horses, they give back to us in so many ways. I love photographing the wild horses in Northeastern,Nevada in the Great Basin Country in their natural environment. As a strong advocate for the freedom of our wild horses on public lands to me it is very important for people to become aware of the many issues facing our wild horses today . There are now more than 60,000 in BLM holding facilities across the West and less than 22,000 left on public lands. It would be an American tragedy to lose our Western Heritage, the wild horses. We need everyone to be their voice. They are losing their freedom everyday on public lands at a very alarming rate. We must protect them . A wonderful organization that helps wild horses in countless different ways is at Wild Horse Protection Act.Org Please go to the site and join the movement. Being the founder of the organization 'Photographers For The Preservation Of Wild Horses and Burros' I strongly believe that our wild horses have a right to their free roaming status on public lands which is stated in a law passed by congress in 1971, 'The Wild Horse and Burro Act of 1971'. We need better solutions for managing our wild horses, so they will still be there for people to enjoy their beauty power and grace. Seeing the wild horses renews your spirit with a great sense of peace, joy and a feeling of calmness that all's right with the world. These horses belong to the American people, it is our job to ensure that for now and for many generations to come that we all can enjoy the privilege of seeing healthy free roaming herds on the land. We need to be their voices doing all we can to make sure that they stay on the open rangelands where they belong. They have been designated their fair share of public lands, along with wildlife, cattle, sheep and mining interest. Also gas and oil production. With all of these other entities it seems the wild horses are getting far less than their fair share of the lands today . I am also a member of Cowboy Artist And Photographers International. I have won several awards for my images of the wild horses. I have sold photographs of the wild horses throughout the United States, also in foreign countries. I am an alumni of the New York Institute Of Photography. I enjoy doing photography workshops of wild horses. Please find more information at I have adopted several wild horses and two wild burros from the BLM, who I enjoy interacting with and also working with them using gentle training methods. Several years ago when I moved to the wild high desert country of Eastern Nevada and discovered wild horses, I fell in love with these magnificent animals and have been hooked and amazed by them ever since. It is pure joy being out in the wilderness, next to them. You can feel that almost magical mesmerizing spirit of the wild ones as they thunder across the desert landscape racing the wind. I hope viewers of my work will come away with a greater appreciation of the majesty and power of our Western heritage. Once you discover the serenity that America's treasures, the wild horses can bring into your life when you are out in nature you will never be quite the same again. So bring a little of the wild horse magic into your home or office, which you will enjoy for years to come.

Jeanne Bencich-Nations joined Pixels on August 29th, 2013.