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Jeff Montgomery - Fine Artist

About Jeff Montgomery

Learn more about Jeff Montgomery from Madison, AL - United States.

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It has been said, “Art is in the eye of the beholder.” And to me that holds very true. I leave it up to viewers of my art to decide if it is art, and more importantly what it means to them. I focus on creating abstract art with an emphasis on color. I avoid titling some of my work for a reason. I want the viewer to be free to interpret the piece without any influence from me. Imagination is very powerful. By letting the viewer interpret my work for themselves, they can share in the imagination.

Imagination is important. It is what drives our creativity.

About the Artist
Jeff Montgomery is a painter and digital artist who uses art as a creative outlet to recharge from his normally high tech career in human spaceflight.

His original paintings focus on the abstract. The ability to let viewers interpret the painting without constraint, while using their own imagination is a welcome release from technical precision. The works of Dali, Kandinsky, Klee, Pollock and Rothko have served as an influence with their use of color, organic forms and energy. He creates pieces using palette knife techniques, as well as using drips and pours.

His digital art is painted with virtual brushes and covers a range of subjects. It was comments of viewers of his digital paintings that prompted him to begin experimenting with acrylic and oil painting.

You are encouraged to browse the galleries on this site. If you are interested in purchasing an original painting, contact me directly.

Previous Shows
Year of Faith – Houston, Texas June 2013
Advent Art Show – Friendswood, Texas December 2011
Pack and Deliver - Houston, Texas September 2011
Speak Hope Mixer – Houston, Texas June 2011
The Face of Christ – Friendswood, Texas June 2011
Abstract Inspirations (Solo Show) – Clear Lake, Texas September 2010
Water for Life – Houston, Texas April 2010

Jeff Montgomery joined Pixels on December 29th, 2010.