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Khaya Bukula - Fine Artist

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Better Place

Johannesburg, Ga - September 4th, 2013

Art makes our word a better place.

Art As A Profession

Johannesburg, Ga - August 30th, 2013

Artists and Designers are also professionals. the only difference it that we are more in touch with our emotional or human side. I think for us though history the green agenda has been always our way of life.

Art And Money

Johannesburg, Ga - November 28th, 2011

In the meantime, your day-by-day accomplishments are what advance you in your art career, not flogging your portfolio all over God's Creation and asking for free advice. Focus your art-making and art-selling efforts right where you live (the national and international shows can wait). Make art, get it out there, listen to what people say, get a sense of who likes what and why, figure out how to it so it sells, and show it whenever and wherever you get the chance. Along the way, you'll meet plenty of people, make connections, and those you impress the most will eventually introduce you to others who can do more for you. That's how you get galleries, reps, sales, and all kinds of other good stuff. It's how the art business works