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Koa Feliciano - Fine Artist

About Koa Feliciano

Learn more about Koa Feliciano from Castaner, PR - Puerto Rico.

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Important Note: The images on this account are based on the Native American Taino Culture. The Taino wore little to no clothes and the images reflect that. Thus, some images will contain Culturally Correct Nudity and will be hidden under 'Work Safe mode'. Thank you for your understanding.


My name is Koa and I am the founder of Boriken Warrior Studios in Puerto Rico. My wife and I have dedicated ourselves in creating the finest photographic images of the Native American Taino Tribe of the Caribbean. Our models are dedicated and work very hard to bring these works of art to life. You will be proud to own and display these prints at home, your office or in a professional setting.

The Taino Indian Tribe of the Caribbean was the first to encounter the Spaniards as they arrived in the New World. They welcomed these travelers from across the sea only to be enslaved and slaughtered for their gold, silver, tobacco and other treasures which would find it's way to the Spanish King.

The Taino are part of the American Indian Nation and hold a position alongside the Apache, Crow, Blackfoot and many others, the only difference being they were island people inhabiting the Caribbean islands such as Cuba and Puerto Rico. The name 'Boriken' was the original given name to the island of Puerto Rico.

The Taino contributed greatly to our society of today. They introduced the Europeans to tobacco (tabaco), hammocks (hamaca), corn (maiz) and barbecue (barbacoa). The word 'Hurricane' is derived from the Taino 'Huracan' which is still used to this day in the spanish community. Sailors slept on the floors of ships until they encountered the Taino and saw them using an item to sleep in called an Hamaca. They appropriated that idea and began using the 'Hammock' on their ships, thus enjoying a new and far more comfortable sleep than being on the floor.

I invite you to journey into this exciting world. The culture is rich in history and beauty which makes a great topic of conversation. You will be proud to display these prints where everyone can enjoy them for years to come.

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Koa Feliciano joined Pixels on July 8th, 2012.