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Lance Anderson - Artist

About Lance Anderson

Learn more about Lance Anderson from Malibu, CA - United States.

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Lance Anderson's art is strongly influenced by his work in the film industry as a special effects make-up artist. He draws his inspiration from a combination of childhood memories, classic black and white films of the thirties and forties and his observations on the many movie sets he has worked on.

'I equate painting to making movies, by that I mean I'm in control of all the elements that go into my painting. I frame the subject like the Director, I light the subject like the Cinematographer and I control the look like the Art Director... it's very rewarding.

'Lance grew up in Venice, California and was attracted to art at an early age, drawing cars, people, and buildings. In high school he took art classes and majored in Industrial Art. After a two year enlistment in the navy he went back to school and graduated from Santa Monica college with an Associate in Arts degree. He then followed in his father's footsteps, becoming an electrician, getting married and raising a family.

Always anxious to return to art, Lance eventually quit the electrical trade to become a Special Effects Make-up Artist where he could express his desire for drawing, sculpting, and painting and continue raising a family.

Today Lance creates his art full time occasionally taking a break to do some film work.

Lance Anderson joined Pixels on January 9th, 2007.