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Laura Charlesworth - Fine Artist

About Laura Charlesworth

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I was born and raised in Nottingham, England. When I was ten, my mother moved us to Grants Pass, Oregon. When we moved to America, I remember feeling overwhelmed with the change and how different everything was. I found solace in sketching, doodling, painting, exploring any kind of artistic outlet I could get my hands on. I loved researching the old masters and admiring their works. As I grew older, I continued to find comfort and happiness in self-expression and artistic creation. There was a space of many years where I put away my brushes and pencils and tried to focus on things I thought my attention was better spent on. As a result, I became a very unhappy person and felt very out of touch with who I was. Not too long ago, I gave up trying to fight against myself and again returned to my beloved painting. I am currently enrolled as an art major in my local community college, and while I still classify myself as an amateur and a student of the arts, I am once again finding happiness and a sense of self in my brushes. My tool of choice is oil paints; however I have recently started dabbling in acrylic, and occasionally in pencil and other mediums. I am still working on a definition of a 'style', as I feel it is still changing and evolving as my skill and knowledge level grows. I love working with warm earthly tones such as reds and browns. I feel a connection with these colors and the things they represent. Currently I am learning to find a balance of shadow and light while creating a sense of realism within my canvas. I feel that once I can achieve a greater grasp of these studies, I will have a firmer understanding of the basic and advanced principles needed to create the things I envision. I hope to one day pass on my love of art to my two young boys, who are already demonstrating a love for all things messy and colorful. If I can just figure out how to keep paint off everything I own (myself included), and pass that secret on, who knows what could happen!

Laura Charlesworth joined Pixels on December 3rd, 2012.