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Please Visit the Official Blog to learn about art projects for kids by Angelique Bowman: Little Wonders of Wonderland Blog Little Wonders of Wonderland is a name that represents the children who created art at an enrichment arts program for kids in Durham, North Carolina. The artwork you see here was created by children ages 2 through 6. This site was designed especially for the children and their families to have a variety of ways to display their art, but it's also meant to share art ideas for children. My name is Angelique Bowman, the founder of Little Wonders of Wonderland classes. I am the creator and administrator of this website as I am the sole art teacher for the Little Wonders of Wonderland. Originally, my art was taught at Wonderland Arts, a school that I am still associated with, but I have been focusing primarily on the sister school, Indigo Montessori School. My students are introduced to fine art lessons and unique craft lessons that will challenge them and encourage them to be creative. My techniques offer outlets for children to express themselves and to begin to recognize the benefits of art. If you are interested in learning about how you can apply creative lessons, please visit my blog below. More on My Teaching Techniques: I have a knack for teaching kids complex concepts by breaking down ideas into simpler terms. When teaching art, I take lessons that are similar to high school and college level lessons and I break them down in a way that will make sense to children. The lessons are just as important as the process for my students. For example, during lessons, I include participation from the kids to express their thoughts and feelings. I truly want this to be an enlightening experience for the kids. While it serves as an outlet to express themselves, my students are also becoming more thoughtful and knowledgeable about art as they learn new terminology. Though many children are still developing fine motor skills and may not always be coordinated to color within the lines or create 'realistic' art, they are still capable of consuming the information as they find purpose to a lesson. All in all, I want to make this experience therapeutic for my students as I encourage creativity and originality. To learn more about some of the lessons I teach, check out my Little Wonders blog: Little Wonders of Wonderland Blog To learn about my education and personal art, visit me at: Angelique Bowman's Official Artist Website Thanks & Enjoy! ~Angelique Bowman Additional Note: Many of the images displayed will be numbered rather than listed by the child's name for privacy reasons.

Little Wonders Of Wonderland joined Pixels on February 19th, 2012.