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Lourry Legarde - Artist

Lourry Legarde Art Collections

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Lourry Legarde is a talented artist whose work encompasses a variety of mediums, from traditional oils to photography and digital paintings.   Glowing with vibrant color and rich hues, her creations ring with emotion, while deftly capturing life's cherished moments.   Lourry began creating art at an early age and was always the designated artist even in grade school.   Art, she says, is something that's always been in me.   Her creative techniques allow her to create awe-inspiring images that are products of her imagination and emotions.   Also inspired by fellow...more
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Collections = 54

Floral Art Collection

Floral Art

189 Images

Lavender Art Collection

Lavender Art

67 Images

Wildlife Collection


50 Images

Four Seasons Collection

Four Seasons

87 Images

Sports Series Collection

Sports Series

10 Images

Collections = 54

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