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Prints of all artworks are available at www.markkarvon.com.   All artworks are copyright Mark Karvon.   As a kid in the suburbs of Chicago, I always was interested in the mechanical creations of man.   There is something about a purpose of design and the engineering solution to achieve that purpose that always created a spark in my mind.   The forms those machines took were captivating to me - the pointed nose of a fighter jet; the exposed driving wheels of a mighty steam engine, the streamlined shape of a submarine.   And the stories of the incredible experiences of...more
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New VF17 Jolly Rogers Aviation Art Print

Concord, NC - March 16th, 2008

New VF-17 Jolly Rogers Art Print News: Mark Karvon We are pleased to present our new print release from the studios of Mark Karvon. "Pirates of the Pacific" is tribute to the famous VF-17 "Jolly Rogers" of WWII The print is a limited edition offering of 45 prints. They come fully matted with three of the pilots' signatures: Ike Kepford (donated by Mrs. Kepford), Kurly Kurlander and Country Landreth. We are especially pleased to offer Ike's signature as it is very rare and sought after by collectors. Since Ike is no longer with us, Mrs. Kepford has kindly offered to provide a letter attesting to the authenticity of Ike's signature. In addition to "Pirates of the Pacific" we are also announcing the release of "SBD Dauntless", "The Super Chief" and the "Union Pacific Big Boy". Further details are available at www.markkarvon.com or we may be contacted at cbscharlotte@ctc.net.