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Marty Klar - Artist

About Marty Klar

Learn more about Marty Klar from Grand Rapids, MI - United States.

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During the late 60's I started taking pictures in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY with my father's Rolleicord. I was immediately taken with the art of composition. After buying my first 35MM Canon SLR and moving into Manhattan in 1974, I took a workshop with renowned Nikon photographer/educator George Obremski. I came away inspired. George made it clear, 'You don't take pictures, you make pictures.' Photography was my first love and has remained a hobby to this day. My career was in advertising as a copywriter. As I moved from one ad agency to another in NYC then to Los Angeles, and finally to Grand Rapids, MI I rose through the ranks to become a Creative Director. In 2012 -- having retired from the ad-game -- I found myself sitting by a lake watching my wife doing a watercolor painting. She was so relaxed, focused and happy. (Golf never provided that trio to me). So I said, I'd like to try my hand at painting. Turns out I had some artistic talent. I began to draw and paint. It was zen. My mind was focused. The outside world melted away and I was hooked. So my Pixels images are a mixed bag of me then, and me now. I still take the camera out for photo-ops now and then, but paints, brushes, canvas', rags and portable easel go along for the ride. Life's a journey. I still play golf but I'm fond of saying, 'I haven't thrown a brush yet!'
BTW: My wife -- a wonderful artist in her own right -- is still in shock that after all these years she finds herself living with a fellow artist. She's fond of saying.'I suppose next I'll learn you can play the violin!'

Marty Klar joined Pixels on March 15th, 2019.