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Michael Bellon - Artist

About Michael Bellon

Learn more about Michael Bellon from LEVENS, PACA - France.

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Michael BELLON (Born in Badenweiler Germany on September 29, 1949.) is an French, self-taught, artist-painter, his style: 'Le Symbolisme Perspectiviste'.
Its work first is the collection 'Les Arcanes Majeurs du Tarot' reserved for cultural exposures, without sale, since 1981.
For an interest of investigation, a meditative indication of each 22 painting, a fastening with the writer, well-known in the U.S.A. however probably not in all its dimension (its initiatory publications of many spiritualities, written in France - Nice - Cote d'Azur and in French: Francis ROLT-WHEELER, Ph.D.
Institut Astrologique de Carthage, Edition Astrosophie - more particularly 'Le Cabbalisme Initiatique' Tome 2 'Sephiroth'. The synthesis of the collection pictorially see 22 'Le Chariot' (Otz Chiim). https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Francis_Rolt-Wheeler .

The artist is not the subject of his art.
If I had no personal interpretation, how can I claim to be an artist ?
Collection 'The Major Arcana of the Tarot'.
When I decided to opt for the profession of artist-painter (1979), the first picture that came to my mind was easy and quick to draw, ditto for painting. This finished, it was necessary to give it a title. 'Patriarch' appeared to me to be the only suitable one and I understood then that I had started the collection 'The Major Arcana of the Tarot'.
I had to determine the continuation, choose, meditate and carry out each of the mysteries to establish a harmony, to emphasize importance.
The objective was also to avoid an unfortunate assembly or any pejorative interpretation; that's why I modified some titles; ('Death' has become 'Metamorphosis', 'le Mat' has become 'Le Pat' a reference to chess games, 'The Hanged Man' has become 'However').
It was not my intention that everyone can approach personal divination, by means of my pictorial interpretation, this is the reason why not all paintings are vertical.
As pictorial, stylistic unit, keeping the colection since 1980-1981 for cultural exhibitions, without sale, can be understood like to argue myself as self-taugh artist.
The whole collection in one image and interpretation indications are given, placed under each painting then (ARTactif) currently on http://www.clubedotaro.com.br/site/t71_bellon.asp.
It is impossible for me to imagine that the inspiration of this whole collection of arcana as augural symbols or initiatory message may concern me alone, that would be there a expression of an insane egoism.
This suite can be considered as a single draw (of cards), which should concern us all. Indications are given which may raise questions; the message of the whole therefore remains to be deciphered.
I want to thank everyone who has read on so far, and of course visitors, more particularly from Ukraine. Cordially. Michael BELLON

Michael Bellon joined Pixels on February 16th, 2011.