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My 10 Commandments of Painting 1. I paint because I want to, not because I should. 2. There is always someone who will paint better than myself so I don't compare my work. It makes me depressed. 3. I keep practicing. It only improves my skills. 4. I am not offended if my art work does not make sense to someone else. I'm not painting for them. 5. I share my talents with others instead of being puffed up about it. 6. The art world is small. News travels fast. If I judge, roll my eyes or talk about other artists, I lose my credibility as a decent person and professional. Besides, I hurt the feelings of other artists. People are sensitive.I try to be very careful about this. 7. I do my best to respect everyone's style, opinion, and ideas. Even if I don't agree. Even if they make mistakes. 8. I follow my gut. I try not to let anyone tell me what I should do with my painting but I am open minded to constructive criticism and advice of those who have professional opinions worth listening to. 9. I never give up. I save all my work no matter what I think of it so I can see where I have been. 10. I attempt to always have fun and enjoy what I'm doing. If I'm not, then it's not a good day for painting and time to do something else. Of course, these are my commandments and you don't have to follow them if you don't want to but they work for me. :) MUSES AND MUSIC OFFERING LESSONS IN THE ARTS PAINTING AND PIANO ALL AGES - ALL ABILITIES

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