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Pamela J French - Artist

About Pamela J French

Learn more about Pamela J French from Guymon, OK - United States.

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Bio of Pamela J. French

I once read a sign that said, “Don’t judge me by what I do until you walk a mile in my shoes.” Come and go with me as we walk that mile together.
I was born Pamela Joann Morehead on October 2, 19fifty-something and was raised on a farm in Balko, OK. I married the love of my life in 1977. I still carry that farm girl attitude, that nothing is too difficult if you put your back into it, but with art, I have discovered, it is your heart you must apply before the work is complete.
I hold a deep faith in Jesus Christ. He accepted me into His fold when I was very young and though I have not been His most faithful servant I keep trying because no one has the ability to save me and watch over me like I know He does. I am also devoted to a rather extensive family, including the ones I adopt along life’s way. There are two that are my own, but there are many of whom I choose to hold in my heart, because they have each touched my life in a special way, and I love them for who they are. I am the grandmother of three beautiful girls who inspire me to be an example for them to follow and to love with that child-like abandon.
After twenty-four years of self-employment and raising my children, I decided that it was time to pursue the dreams I had as a child. Although some have changed over the years, art remains a passion and so that was my first focus upon enrolling at Oklahoma Panhandle State University at Goodwell, OK. Not long after applying to OPSU, I decided that my second interest should be added to my majors and that is psychology. With these two degrees, a BFA and a BS in Psychology, I remain busy working in the mediums that I prefer, and maintain an in home studio in Guymon, OK where I teach a few art classes, but primarily keep my fingers in the works of the time.

Pamela J French joined Pixels on August 20th, 2009.