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Pamela J French - Artist

Pamela J French Press Releases

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Bio of Pamela J.   French Artist/Sculptor/Writer I once read a sign that said, “Don’t judge me by what I do until you walk a mile in my shoes.” Come and go with me as we walk that mile together.   I was born Pamela Joann Morehead on October 2, 19fifty-something and was raised on a farm in Balko, OK.   I married the love of my life in 1977.   I still carry that farm girl attitude, that nothing is too difficult if you put your back into it, but with art, I have discovered, it is your heart you must apply before the work is complete.   I hold a deep faith in...more
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Local Artist Displayed

Guymon, OK - September 12th, 2009

by Katie Martire - reporter The Guymon Public Library chooses an artist each month, this artist then places their art in the glass display case (and walls) for the public to admire their hard work and talent. Pamela J. French, of Guymon, was chosen as the September featured artist. Artistic ability runs deep in the French family. Pamela was born and raised on a farm in Balko, Okla., and has carried her farm girl attitude with her all of her life. "Nothing is too difficult if you put your back into it, but with art I have discovered that it is you heart that you must apply before the work is complete," said French. She married her husband Rick in 1977, they raised their two children Kent and Carissa while running their hair styling shop, The French Connection. Art remained a constant for Pamela during the years, she has gained a lot of her inspiration from her children and her own fa...