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Phil Kimball - Artist

About Phil Kimball

Learn more about Phil Kimball from Delaware, OH - United States.

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I find the textures and colors surrounding me very intriguing. And, I can't help wondering 'what would happen if I changed something about them?'

After a late start at making art, I discovered that the results of deconstructing and then reconstructing something is fascinating, illuminating and most often very satisfying.
When I created three-dimensional sculpture I took great delight in putting things together that were not necessarily related.

The juxtaposition of form and texture in both three-dimensional and in my photo collages is a consuming interest. If I can capture a viewer's eye and lead it through one of my collages and have that viewer find several 'eureka' moments, I have succeeded. Most of my collages are not straight-forward. The viewer will, hopefully, find the familiar wedded with the unfamiliar in pleasing ways.

Phil Kimball joined Pixels on April 16th, 2008.