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Ooty India

Ooty India

Photography became a form of expression and therapy for these students: four women recently rescued from brothels in India discovering a new life and the beauty within and around them.

Stuthi - Vegetable Vendor

Vegetable Vendor by Stuthi

Stuthi - Toda Tribe Blanket

Toda Tribe Blanket by Stuthi

Stuthi - Fruit Vendor

Fruit Vendor by Stuthi

Stuthi - Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers by Stuthi

Stuthi - Petting the Cow

Petting the Cow by Stuthi

Stuthi - Ooty Homes

Ooty Homes by Stuthi

Stuthi - Old Door

Old Door by Stuthi

Stuthi - Husband and Wife

Husband and Wife by Stuthi

Stuthi - Horses

Horses by Stuthi

Stuthi - Garlic and Ginger Vendor

Garlic and Ginger Vendor by Stuthi

Stuthi - Flower Vendor

Flower Vendor by Stuthi

Pooja - Women Walking

Women Walking by Pooja

Pooja - Woman Carrying Baby

Woman Carrying Baby by Pooja

Pooja - Passengers on a Train

Passengers on a Train by Pooja

Pooja - Temple

Temple by Pooja

Pooja - Tea Fields

Tea Fields by Pooja

Pooja - Shoe Vendor

Shoe Vendor by Pooja

Pooja - Rickshaw in the Rain

Rickshaw in the Rain by Pooja

Pooja - Playground Sadness

Playground Sadness by Pooja

Pooja - Mountains and Tea Fields

Mountains and Tea Fields by Pooja

Pooja - Young Boy

Young Boy by Pooja

Pooja - Laundry Time

Laundry Time by Pooja

Pooja - Fruit Market

Fruit Market by Pooja

Pooja - Flower Vendor Sprite Stand

Flower Vendor Sprite Stand by Pooja

Pooja - Face in the Window

Face in the Window by Pooja

Pooja - Carrot Vendor Woman

Carrot Vendor Woman by Pooja

Mangala - Train Signaller

Train Signaller by Mangala

Mangala - Today Woman Weaving

Today Woman Weaving by Mangala

Mangala - Man and Dog

Man and Dog by Mangala

Mangala - Boy on Bike

Boy on Bike by Mangala

Mangala - Piggyback Ride

Piggyback Ride by Mangala

Mangala - Water Buffalo

Water Buffalo by Mangala

Mangala - Tea Fields in the Mountains

Tea Fields in the Mountains by Mangala

Mangala - Ooty Landscape

Ooty Landscape by Mangala

Mangala - Horse Eye

Horse Eye by Mangala

Mangala - Girl Fetching Water

Girl Fetching Water by Mangala

Mangala - Fernhill Palace

Fernhill Palace by Mangala

Mangala - Boy Selling Fruit

Boy Selling Fruit by Mangala

Mangala - Bean Vendor by Temple

Bean Vendor by Temple by Mangala

Kalpana - Women at Boat House

Women at Boat House by Kalpana

Kalpana - Today Woman Weaving

Today Woman Weaving by Kalpana

Kalpana - Tea Pickers

Tea Pickers by Kalpana

Kalpana - Rainy Alley

Rainy Alley by Kalpana

Kalpana - Monkeys

Monkeys by Kalpana

Kalpana - Happiness at Ashia Home

Happiness at Ashia Home by Kalpana

Kalpana - Doors in Old Ooty

Doors in Old Ooty by Kalpana

Kalpana - Chat Centre Kiosk

Chat Centre Kiosk by Kalpana

Kalpana - Barbs and Flowers

Barbs and Flowers by Kalpana

Kalpana - Child and Grandfather

Child and Grandfather by Kalpana

Kalpana - Train to Coonoor

Train to Coonoor by Kalpana

Search Within This Collection   |   View All Collections   |   Images = 57




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