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Pilots And Partisans Then and Now - Artist

About Pilots And Partisans Then and Now

Learn more about Pilots And Partisans Then and Now from Winchester, Hampshire - United Kingdom.

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Pilots and Partisans is my work photographing some 40 WWII combat veterans from ten countries.

I'm just a guy who had a crazy idea to photograph old combatants and, with very little money, I set out on a big adventure. Pilots and Partisans is the result. And it grows and grows each year.

The portraits include a number of pilots who are famous in aviation history. This work also opened the door for me to meet and photograph women partisans, soldiers, aircrew and The Righteous Among Nations who were active against the Germans in Ukraine.

Many of my WWII veteran photos are available here. I believe they work best when shown as sets of photos; for example, all the American pilots together.

I shall continue to photograph and interview combatants from more recent conflicts and their photos will be available here too, in due course.

I was born in the United Kingdom, but I have spent most of my life travelling. Partly because my dad was a pilot and my family travelled all over the world when I was a kid and then, when I was old enough, I travelled as well. When I left school I completed an economics degree, but later I trained to be a professional photographer - something I had always wanted to do.

I hope you like my photos and their stories and I would be very pleased if you could support my work by buying a print or poster here, or my book from www.PiltosAndPartisans.com This will make it possible for me to keep meeting and photographing combatants in the coming years.

All the best and many thanks.


John Martin Bradley

September 2020.

Pilots And Partisans Then and Now joined Pixels on November 28th, 2014.