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Rob Heath - Fine Artist

About Rob Heath

Learn more about Rob Heath from Mably, Loire - France.

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Rob Heath (b.England, 1965). Residence, France.

'Award-winning artist Rob Heath channels the energy from his career in the business world into inspiring paintings of urban skylines. His talent lies in the expressive use of texture and color as applied to the towering facades of skyscrapers, bridges, and waterways. Using mixed media and acrylic on canvas, Heath transforms urban spaces into vivid tableaux, portentous and unforgettable. His palette favors deep crimson and earth tones paired with subtle cerulean, imbuing the canvas with a surreal effect. Despite the notable absence of figures here, we see a great deal of ourselves in these man-made environs, as they become reflections of our inner world. “Are we molded by our surroundings or do we create them?” Heath asks, “Are we the ‘container’ or the ‘content’?” Not to be tied down to one style or subject, in some works the artist expands upon his surreal imagery with monumental figures, while in others he removes more and more of the landscape, edging into the realm of Abstract Expressionism.'

He can be contacted by use of the contact form or directly at :

Rob Heath is featured in the 2011-12 edition of the International Contemporary Masters (Vol V) and in the Best of Worldwide Abstracts, 2012. He has recently been nominated as a commended finalist in the S.A.A. Artist of the Year 2011 (from over 6000 entries). His work has been on display at the Business Design Centre, Islington, London in July 2011.

Photography: Rob Heath has recently won the 'American Art Awards - Non manipulated Landscapes' 1st place prize, 2012.

Rob Heath is currently represented by the Agora Gallery of New York, USA.

Artist’s Statement.

“Creation of art for me is a release from the highly regulated and micro-controlled world of business and finance. ..A diametric opposite that allows complete freedom to just begin without knowing the route. No detailed preconceptions or detailed studies, just raw inspiration and expressionism. It is creation, unhindered by perfectionism.

Like surfing a wave for the first time… Exhilarating, not knowing where it’ll take you or for how long you’ll have to fight to get it just right… and always learning how to get back on track after a total wipe-out blows your confidence.

Exposure to: the artistic elements, to critique and to self-analysis. These harsh judges can cut deep. …But the pleasure is ‘riding the wave’ by trying new methods, new materials and new subjects.

For all these reasons, my style is loose and representative; Abstract expressionism with an overdose of tangible colour and relief.”

Rob Heath, 2011

Rob Heath joined Pixels on December 21st, 2011.