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Rosanna Life - Artist

Rosanna Life

Learn more about Rosanna Life from Jane Lew, WV - United States.

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I received my very first camera on my 10th birthday, and became obsessed with photography ever since. Over the years, I was drawn more towards all things related to nature as my favorite photography subject. Since nature is all around us, there will always be something beautiful and unique to capture with my camera, anytime, anywhere. My favorite Seasons - in the Spring, when the birds are nesting, hummingbirds are hovering, and flowers are blooming, and in the Fall, when the colors are so breathtakingly vibrant. I have always admired artists who create beautiful paintings of nature, but not being adept at all with painting myself (mud is all I make when I try), I decided to combine my love of photography and paintings by transforming some of my own original photographs into 'digital photo art'. The end result being that my images are what they may have looked liked if I had the talent to actually paint them on a canvas. I hope I have been able to capture something 'From Nature's Canvas' that will evoke the same enjoyment for you. Please check back soon, as I will be continually adding new images. Thank you for visiting.

Rosanna Life joined Pixels on July 6th, 2019.