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Rozanne Henry - Artist

Rozanne Henry

Learn more about Rozanne Henry from Cape Town, Western Cape - South Africa.

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Hello and welcome.

I'm deeply moved by the mother child connection.

It's been my personal experience that when we slow down and connect to serenity, beauty and that stillness within, we feel deeply nourished.

From this peaceful, even joyous space, it's easier to bond with our children and make meaningful memories together.

My art is of course deeply inspired by my love for nature and precious early motherhood memories

My paintings have an impressionistic style and are gentle and tender yet joyful too.

I live in South Africa and enjoy painting in oils.

My art has found homes locally in South Africa, also in Japan, the USA, the UK, Singapore, Israel and Canada.
I've exhibited with the South African Society of Artists too.

I'm currently working on a new range of women in stillness.
Also currently working on new mother and child paintings.

Thank you for your presence here.

Rozanne Henry joined Pixels on July 2nd, 2017.