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Russell Burie - Artist

About Russell Burie

Learn more about Russell Burie from Menominee, Michigan - United States.

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WIthout the help of those in my life I would NEVER come to the conclusion that I was indeed and artist. I grew up on the Menominee River next door to the very influential Earle Harvey, he was a politicaln cartoonist in some of the largest publications in the US ( which you would have never known meeting the man in person). My mother got me started at a young age doing stained glass art. I had a couple of art classes while in public school not to mention a couple of years in the school chior, church chior and drama club. I was involved in sports but I have always been more prone toward voluntary community service. Joining the Navy at 17 I learned much about life during my 4 year enlistment. Even though something may look beautiful, that doesn't mean it is not deadly, so I now proceed through life with an air of caution, which doesn't mean I don't get burned from time to time, it just happens less often. I am now President of Student Senate at the Northeast Wisconsin Techinical College in Marinette Wisconsin and in my second year taking up Tool and Die Design among many other things.

My art comes in moments of inspiration from time to time which doesn't mean I do not plan my pieces, some just get more than others. I have learned many techniques working with glass, metal, wood, plastics even fluids like oil and air. My art is meant to be fuctional, demonstrative and aestetically pleasing. I grew up in the Wild and have accumulated many varied reputations all the way from fool to genius. My life revolves around finding viable options of conduct for the long-term survival of mankind which includes salvation, intuitive thinking and compassion. Lead by example is a phase that applies, but it is likewise expected we all fall from grace and our time in this limited so I try to make the best of it.

Lots of love,


Russell Burie joined Pixels on January 19th, 2008.