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I've been actively paintings since 1994 but have been drawing for many years earlier. I started out designing flowers but with a unique flair. I wanted to see if I could create flowers never seen before on this plane of manifest; so many of my flowers have taken on an abstract vibe All my life I have been fascinated with bright colors, so I was draw towards acrylics. I can feel the life and strength in the colors. Then I began to paint pictures and shapes based on my emotions at the time. One morning around 3 a.m. whille thinking about my mother who was diagnosed with breast cancer; I created a painting called, 'Pain.' It expressed the pain in my heart at the time. The flower was breathtakingly beautiful, I remember the bright yellow and red in the flower. Pain was a strange name for this painting that was so colorful. I raffled a painting at my job to raise money for our United Way Campaign and a co-worker won the raffle painting. I had the opportunity to share with her what the painting meant, and it also opened the door for me to share with her my painting called, 'Pain.' She told me of her family member that was diagnosed with cancer. So we talked and found a connection to each other. I would never have guessed that a painting I created in 1994 was meant for someone almost six years later. I found that excited that paintings have life. After the encounter with that painting I realized that many of my paintings had some sort of message in them for someone, based on the colors. Life is color coded and we are moved by our emotions and the colors that surround our lives. Colors have a voice and the brighter the color the louder it speaks. We all share the same emotions at some point in our lives; that is why some paintings speak out louder to others. When I started painting in 1994 my name was Wanda Benjamin, this is the signature on a lot of my paintings, and many were unsigned.. I divorced in 1998 and.remarried in 2000, my paintings were signed 'Wanda M. R. Garrett.' In 2005 I legally changed my name because of my new found religion and out look on life my name became 'Ruth Sadi El.' So now my paintings going forth will be signed 'Ruth El.' I hope I haven't confused anybody. Ruth El (aka Wanda M. R. Garrett and Wanda Benjamin). Just givig a heads up so you don't get confused when you see other names signed on my paintings.

Ruth El joined Pixels on June 9th, 2008.