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Sigrid Van Dort - Artist

Sigrid Van Dort Shop

Purchase canvas prints, framed prints, and more featuring artwork from Sigrid Van Dort.

Due to continuous theft of my drawings and paintings HERE, I removed them.   And, I don't give you the digital data of my art, regardless the size, because you 'like' it.   That would be the same as you giving me a part of your salary - where you worked hard for - so I can do with it what I want because I like it.   Almost all of my illustrations can be found in my chicken and art books.   Thank you for your interest.   Kind regards, Sigrid
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Results: 2

 Digital Art - Spangled Brahma by Sigrid Van Dort

Spangled Brahma Print

Sigrid Van Dort


 Digital Art - Message to thieves of art by Sigrid Van Dort

Message to thieves of art Print

Sigrid Van Dort




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