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Simona Mereu - Fine Artist

About Simona Mereu

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Simona Mereu (1969, Rome, Italy) is a self taught artist who mainly works with painting. Born and raised in Rome she showed an appreciation and interest in art from an early age. She painted her first portrait at the age of six and made her first sculpture at the age of eleven. At the age of nine she participated successfully to a collective art exhibition in Rome, Via Margutta. She grew up in one of the most beautiful areas of Rome, Trastevere where as a child she used to spend her afternoons with the artist Catullo Palmieri, an old family friend. She learned a lot from him. Despite of her passion for art she never attended any art schools, she always preferred to portray her feelings and emotions with her own means, considering this process a way to deal with her painful life experiences. Very introvert, through her art she finds the only way to express her true feelings. In 1997 she leaves Italy in the hope to find herself, tired of an environment that could no longer understand or support her. Her experience abroad will last 13 years. During these years Simona learns a lot about life and other cultures, but above all about herself. While abroad Simona participates with interest to some workshops and art courses. Art after all is always “the only way” to deal with life for her. In 2009 Simona goes back to her country and family, her life abroad was no longer enough for her. Her paintings talk about her, about her feelings, hopes and despair. Some of them are full of colors while others are mainly black and white. Her art tells her story, a story told with the heart of a woman who can never be a mother. Art sometimes full of pain, of what could have been, and it is not. She uses her art to communicate feelings that are too hard to express in words. Her paintings are touchingly beautiful and painfully attractive, feelings are the subject, and art is just a way to let them out. Her art leaves us with a mix of conflicting feelings and thoughts. The many aspects of human nature are often represented in her paintings. “We are a whole made by small elements” she says and her paintings reflect this aspect. Her work was noticed by the art critic Remo Alessandro Piperno and was published in the “Internetional Catalogue of Modern Art n. 12” Edizioni Cida. Simona works mainly with oils and ink.

Simona Mereu joined Pixels on December 19th, 2011.