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Mark Thomas - Fine Artist

About Mark Thomas

Learn more about Mark Thomas from New York, NY - United States.

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New York is a city of cities, a network of networks, and a galaxy of galaxies. I am regularly amazed at how one's entire spiritual and atmospheric landscape can change by simply crossing a street or going one stop too far on a bus or subway. In photography I look for the things that make me feel I took that subway one stop too far, or took a turn into an undiscovered neighborhood. I look for what others might miss, from the momentarily beautiful to the ruggedly repugnant.

From 1999 to late 2010 I published a nearly-daily 'Big Picture' at my personal web site ( ). In those years numerous visitors to the site offered to purchase prints should they be made available. I hesitated for a long time but decided, once and for all, to make available high-quality prints for sale to those who are interested.

In addition to the 'Big Pictures' I have focused my lens on Gravestone Sepulchral Portraits, Discarded Umbrella Carcasses, and Abandoned Baby Strollers.

My style of photograph could probably be safely described as 'street' or 'urban'. Most of my photos at will come from within the 5 boroughs of New York City, though occasional travels yielded photos from other places. I am just getting started here but look forward to being a part of things here.

My headshot photo was taken by Stacy May Wong, at SMW Design & Photography.

Mark Thomas joined Pixels on March 4th, 2014.