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Stephanie Skeem - Fine Artist

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I'm a free spirit who loves life, good food, warm souls, long walks, and being authentically creative. I view life a rare gift that should be cherished, remembered and experienced. You never know what tomorrow will bring, so why not devote our lives to the small beautiful things that make our souls sing? That's the main reason why I believe photography, painting, writing, music, and art in all its forms is so necessary. Without them, life would be soulless. I take a lot of pictures---just ask my family. Wherever I go, I have my camera. I think it's fascinating to be able to see something beautiful, to capture it for one small moment before it vanishes, like a firefly, so you can show others what you saw. It's like magic. You can take something very ordinary and bring it into focus----and make it extraordinary. That's what creatives do. We are alchemist of art, and bring into focus that which others may not see. I like to do many different things so long as it's interesting, and I'm learning something new. I know my spirit would dry up and blow away if I couldn't be creating something. I'm also an author. I write young adult books, and illustrate them. I love molding words into pictures, and feelings. It's a wonderful outlet for me to think on paper. I also oil paint, draw, and experiment with a lot of different mediums. I like to use unusual canvases as to paint on---like old rusty metal, reclaimed wood, and anything else that looks like it would make good art. Also I'm featuring my mom's artwork on this website, she is a master at colored pencils, and remarkably prolific, savvy and nimble with her fingers. She creates art out of her bare hands. Everywhere she sees art. She has a unique talent for finding joy in the smallest things in nature, and brings that love of beauty into her art. She also extremely expressive, so it's very fun to tell stories to her, because she makes you feel like she's living the story with you as you tell it. She is a true artist in her own right. I'm lucky to call her mom. She is also very modest. She has drawn tons of beautiful colored pencil drawings, and gives most of them away to friends or family. She also paints, and draws, and does pretty much everything an artist can do. I owe a lot of my creative zaniness and passion to her. I was allowed a lot of creative freedom growing up, more than most kids ever have, hence the reason for my tenacious desire for freedom, and self expression. This site is just another venue in which to express that desire. As a member of the guild of artists, lets help each other out, please comment, and or follow me, and I'll try to pay it forward. Thank you!

Stephanie Skeem joined Pixels on October 21st, 2015.