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Born in Gibraltar, Stephen Ignacio has been involved in the media and arts since he can first remember.   Initially working in the fine arts as a painter, having produced numerous murals when only a teenager, he then went to study in the UK where he soon became involved in public arts.   Turning his hand into the commercial world of design and marketing Stephen spent over 12 years in the advertising and media industry in GIbraltar dabbling in journalism and soon became known as a strong-minded local reporter during the height of the joint sovereignty crisis in Gibraltar.   A lack of commercial...more
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Re-entering The Arts And Photography World From Little Gibraltar

Gibarltar, Gi - December 13th, 2013

"For too many years the idea of exhibiting my work has always had a large part in the back thoughts in my mind. Fine Art degree courses, media involvement, you name it, most of everything that has taken place has always involved the arts, but never have i ventured to publicly exhibit my works to the public," said Stephen Ignacio as he announced that in 2014 he was planning to join Core Photography. "The online world has emerged, and the ease in which the world allows for works to be seen at a global scale, but with so much less of the personal physical presence necessary in a gallery has brought an end to the hiding behind brick walls excuses, and ideological mumbo jumbo which was all intended to hide the fact that i really didn't wish to be the centre of attention at a gallery," he added. Now with http://stephen-ignacio.artistwebsites.com/ and http://stephen-ignacio.fineartamerica...