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Stephen Schaps - Fine Artist

About Stephen Schaps

Learn more about Stephen Schaps from Evans, CO - United States.

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Steve Schaps became interested in art at the early age of four when he lived just a few houses down from an art school in Denver Colorado. There he pestered the teachers and artists with questions until they finally gave him a brush, paint, and a canvass to keep him busy. Later, he received an oil paint set for Christmas and has been painting ever since. His father was a photographer and gave him a camera when he was ten years old. Steve impressed everyone with the pictures that he took, even at this young age.

Steve wrote manuals and research papers throughout his carrear including drafting and graphic artwork. Fine art, specifically representing originating compositions using oil paints on canvass, is his focus since 1997. He says, I am most impressed with the idea of having a legacy, something that lives beyond me. I was successful at engineering disk drives which were manufactured and distributed worldwide, but after a few years they became obsolete and were scrapped. That was a shock to me and brought my attention back to art and photography. I want to produce quality paintings and unique photographs because they will gain in value and become a treasure over time.

Steve enjoys camping, hiking, and exploring trails on his dirt bike in the Colorado Mountains in the summer, and snow skiing and ice-skating in the winter. His hobbies are oil painting, astronomy, and writing. He likes to spend weekends with his three children.

Stephen Schaps joined Pixels on July 20th, 2010.