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T F McDonald - Fine Artist

About T F McDonald

Learn more about T F McDonald from Lexington, KY - United States.

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In much of his work TF McDonald displays perfect beauty in less than perfect subjects. His unique style does not employ photo editing software to remove imperfections but prefers to introduce the image as celebrating the human body with all it's flaws and all it's parts.

TF McDonald spent 8 years unable to see well enough to make pictures. Now that he has recovered much of the use of his sight the whole world of photography has changed. The film has become digital, the darkroom has become a lighted computer screen, the trays, chemicals, hangers and tongs have disappeared.

He now mainly shoots his pictures in his small, home studio often using a wheelchair to move around the room.

'Things have been blurred so long that now I see beauty in all things around me.', says McDonald

TF goes on to say, 'I do not really make the pictures, the camera has a mind of its own. I may shoot a particular angle trying for a specific look but when I later look at the images suddenly the camera chose something and makes it jump from the screen.'

'I believe that art is not made, it is discovered. The art has always existed. The artist simply uncovers it and shows it to others.'

T F McDonald joined Pixels on April 23rd, 2011.