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Ted Domek - Fine Artist

About Ted Domek

Learn more about Ted Domek from Collierville, TN - United States.

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Ted Domek is an accomplished Artist with a keen eye for detail and an amazing passion for visual expression and creativity. By showcasing unique color combinations and composition, Ted creates original, exciting, unique, abstract artwork. All of Tedís original concepts originate from his creative trait and love for fine art as a young boy growing up in the suburbs of Chicago IL. Ted had several influential art instructors in high school and in college. And this substantial influence had an impact on Tedís preference for acrylic to canvas art. Over the course of the past several years, Tedís art back-ground continued to evolve into non-traditional imagery, contoured lines and color combinations full of self- expression and emotion. This type of ďthought provokingĒ canvas art always seems to spark interesting conversation among its viewers.

Recent focus on his art talent has led him to come to know many amazing creative talents in the Memphis area communities over the past 9 years. By otherís recognizing his talents, Ted was able to full-full a lifelong dream and desire to share his unique paintings with his community and also show support for his local ďArtist FamilyĒ and display his artwork in galleries located in the Collierville, Midtown and the Downtown areas of Memphis. Ted is always open to events that allow him to share his inspirational and trendy artwork whether he participates in fund raisers or supports galas for art history, Ted likes to give back to the community. Please view Tedís website at

As Ted continues to build his personal art collection, he is also employed full time by ABB/Thomas and Betts in Memphis TN. As a Product Specialist, Ted focuses on promoting products with his love for 3D Animation and 3D Interactive. But, at the end of the day, Tedís immediate and extended family continues to be his biggest supporters of his generosity and success, while admiring all of his creative and impressive artistic achievements both as an accomplished Fine Artist and a Product Specialist at ABB/Thomas and Betts.

Ted Domek joined Pixels on September 25th, 2013.