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Thomas J Norbeck - Fine Artist

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New Group For Poets Only

Sunrise, FL - May 10th, 2010

It's about time We now can sell our poems as art.....Join this new group jpg poems and upload your poems as art..... the poem can now be sold as a card or framed art.....This is how it should be.....I'm tired of someone always wanting my hard work and imagination for free.....How about you ? want to sell your poem ?

I Thank You

Sunrise, FL - May 3rd, 2010

Hello Thomas, was that you that left me the beautiful message on zenfolio? If so, please beware of not seeing your own art as beautiful as it is. You might admire mine, but since getting into POD I feel I am losing 'me' and becoming a hack. I don't like my work at the moment.....but adore yours and was so happy someone introduced me to it. You certainly acheived the beauty of stained glass in effects. I did comprehend what the work was about, but it is still sensual in form.......and that is your own artistic's a beautiful work. The colors are almost reflective to me, and short of getting into stained glass you won't get a lot closer, so I believe you achieved the goal you wished. Have you ever heard of a program called 'glass eye'? It's pricey, and is made for stained glass creators, but I own it and combine the effects into a few works - very rarely so far,...

E-Mail To My Sister-in-Law

Sunrise, FL - March 15th, 2010

First reaction: These are important - how one reacts to art, how it makes one feel. I love the sculpture, but then I love sculpture - good sculpture anyway. The shark pic is great too. Really impressed - the touch is there as well as the free spirit. Please convey this to him as I am (humbly) considered a Critic and have judged and curated shows as well as written about art. I am a former Associate Director of MOMA (Museum of Modern Art) in New York City . No smalll feat - world class audiences - doesn't get much better for someone like me with only 2 Bachelor's and not enough credits for my Masters in Art History. Tell him I wish him the best and he is welcome to use my comments with the caption after my name "Former Assoc. Director of Public information - MOMA, NYC" Barb Lifflander

New Artist In Town

Sunrise, FL - February 23rd, 2010

My name is Thomas John Norbeck, My first water color was in pre-school .It was then I knew some day I wanted to do art work. My first poem was in second grade and I placed second out of the whole school. I can only produce art work when Iím inspired. Retired early so I can dedicate the rest of my life being creative and enjoying life. I like to share my work . Born and raised in Philadelphia. Spent 20yrs. in the Air Force. Visited Germany, France, England, Australia, South East Asia. Drifted for another 20yrs. Went from the East coast of the U.S.A. to the West coast three times. Now I live in a one bedroom condo in Florida being creative. I am also involved in doing miniture sculptures 8Ē high. If I sell anything or not is not as important to me as you enjoying what I create. All work is Copywrite....Not to be copied to any shape form or fashion.....FOR SALE ONLY.....I AM LOOKING FOR AN AGENT OR MANAGER... You can find me on ...Fineartamerics