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Timothy Billington - Artist

About Timothy Billington

Learn more about Timothy Billington from Brantford, Ontario - Canada.

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To me painting is like exploring a new country, or like a mountain climb. As you go new things are appreciated and views you only imagined become reality. Each painting is a new experience, a new emotion. I like most kinds of art from realism to abstract expressionism and even those pieces that I would be less inclined to appreciate, I like to look at to see what the appeal might be. Is it a feeling gained from the contrast and color? is it a stylish knew look that fits in with the new decor? Is there something there that I have not seen? Usually after I have seen what the appeal might be, the piece means much more to me.

This affects my personal work also. I like to go on an adventure with my brushes and knives without being limited to a single style. I like to explore knew styles and try to create new feelings.

I usually start with some sort of inspiration in mind, a feeling that I would like to express or a scene that I have seen somewhere or a combination of both. Next is to try and visualize various ways I might be able to work with the idea until something captures my imagination and I go to work with it. as i work the real adventure begins as the image takes shape. Occasionally I will choose to take an unplanned turn in the middle. As the paint lays down on the canvas the excitement builds until the piece is complete and I can enjoy it's beauty. It's kind of like taking in the view from the top of a mountain after a long climb. You enjoy glimpses of the view on the way up, but the best is always yet to come.

Timothy Billington joined Pixels on November 21st, 2008.