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Tommy Midyette - Fine Artist

About Tommy Midyette

Learn more about Tommy Midyette from Raleigh, NC - United States.

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I have always gravitated towards creative pursuits. I am most at home when I am making something visually or musically. Thatís where my comfort zone is.
I first became aware that I have a talent for drawing and painting when I was in the fourth grade. I made a colorful sketch of a Mexican man in a sombrero. I remember receiving more than enough compliments on that. During the rest of my school years, it was always my visual art that brought me the most attention. I also was involved in other creative outlets such as: making silent movies and singing/playing guitar in a band. Luckily, I grew up in a neighborhood with other males who werenít just creative, but also athletic. I really enjoyed playing football with my friends and being on a tennis team. My father taught me a lot about water sports i.e. water-skiing, swimming. I was on several swimming teams, but can't say I liked it much.
I took 3 years of art in high school.
I attended NCSU College of Design and obtained a bachelorís degree in graphic design. We learned about many design concepts and terms. It helped me see with a designerís eye. After awhile, it became quite second nature to quickly take into account all the things we were taught. After graduation, I became more interested in painting portraits than in graphic design. Personal computers starting dominating the scene and graphic design was being made solely on the computer. I prefer the low-tech approach to art-making. I enjoy the challenge of making something totally by hand that my customers will treasure and get excited about. A computer might make art that is more ďperfect,Ē but the human hand gives it more soul.
Iíve been a portrait painter for 22 years in the Raleigh area and painted hundreds of faces, (and some buildings). Iíve gone to portrait painting seminars and been taught by some of the most successful painters of our time. I want to continue taking classes and reading books on painting. It can only help me evolve artistically.
I have also found time to produce quite a few non-portrait paintings. Some of my favorite subjects are birds, water and people interacting with each other. Iíve had my non-portraits shown in several art galleries around NC. Iíve sold a few as well. Iíve been hired to make illustrations for a greeting card company. I have painted murals and Duke University hired me to make sketches for several murals we will be painting on campus in the future. I have been paid to create websites and do other graphic design work.

Tommy Midyette joined Pixels on April 13th, 2011.