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Vicki Hopper - Artist

Vicki Hopper

Learn more about Vicki Hopper from Rome, NY - United States.

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PLEASE VISIT MY NEW PAGE: www.vickihoppernaileditphotography.com

I am a photo HOBBYIST. No one pays me to do what I do. I enjoy shooting Drag Racing & Concerts and I have been at it for years. When my Dad passed away my mom gave me all his gear and I learned on my own. It took me a long time to cross over to digital. I don't have fancy, expensive equipment & I feel that the photos reflect what 'I' see & feel while I am shooting. Music shows emotion & racing shows adrenaline. In my Esta Safety Park files you will find numerous images from thru the years. I have been approached numerous times & asked for photos so here they are. You may contact me directly thru fineartamerica.com website or thru my facebook page Vicki Fazio Hopper. I have THOUSANDS of images from the past 20+ or so years from Esta, Skyview, Lebanon Valley, Rome's Hot August Nats & maybe if I dig deep enough I can scan some Englishtowns from the 80's LOL. I try not to Over-edit, some just need a little tweek here & there & some just look better tweeked out...... A lot of times most of my editing is done removing obstacles in the photo ie: pit crews, cones, linemen (an ugly guardrail) etc. I love the burnout & launch shots the most as you will see. For me it's all about the angles. I don't want a million bucks for my pics but everyone tells me I should charge something. ALL are for SALE so please contact ME DIRECTLY the prices here are NOT what I actually charge..... For my time & the prints is all I ask.....ENJOY !! AND please comment, your input is greatly appreciated !!! PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE MY IMAGES WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!
ALL are for SALE so please contact ME DIRECTLY:: VICKIHOPP@AOL.COM the prices here are NOT what I actually charge.But if there is an item offered here you are interested in, please order direct from website ie: phone covers, pillows etc.


Please NOTE: I may have what looks like duplicated images, if you look closely they are not, sometimes with a nice burnout there are subtle differences, a slow roll of smoke off the tires or a large white cloud, on take off a slight lift of tires as opposed to a high launch. I may like one shot & the driver may like another & that is why I include both when I upload...

Vicki Hopper joined Pixels on September 15th, 2014.