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John Walcott - Fine Artist

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Coming soon...OUR HERITAGE Today Walcott Studio continues its 60-plus year tradition of building family histories, creating new traditions and preserving treasured memories. With over 60 years of photos on file, Walcott Studio is committed to helping you create those new traditions, which will become the next generation’s heirlooms. The first Walcott Studio was operated by Frank B. Walcott in Berlin, Wisconsin in the eighteen hundreds. In 1951 Merton & Frances Walcott purchased a studio from Pratt and Emko above Topp’s Dry Good’s Store in downtown Columbus, Wisconsin. Before that it was Miller Studio. Mert’s first studio was in the middle of the Anzio Beach head during WWII. Following the war he attended the New York Institute of Photography and apprenticed for over five years with Ed Block Studio in Beaver Dam. He later earned the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees. He helped found the Photographic Artists Degree Program for the Professional Photographers of America. In 1956 Merton and Frances purchased the Whitney House from Mrs. Albrecht. The original architecture was Italianate and later modified to Victorian. The studio is attached to a home, built in 1868 by Eli Whitney. He was the founder of the Columbus Canning Company and builder of the Whitney Hotel in Downtown Columbus at the four corners. Twice during the history of the home it served as a funeral parlor. The current studio was designed by “Mert” and built onto the side of the house. Their son John started full time in photography by attending the U.S. Navy Photo School. Later he graduated from Layton School of Art (MIAD). He then worked for studios in Florida and Texas. The Walcott’s continue to study and teach within the profession. John has earned the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman Degrees and a number of fellowship degrees. He is past president of the South Central and South Eastern Wisconsin Professional Photographers Associations. Suzanne is staff artist and has earned the Master of Electronic Imaging and Photographic Craftsman Degrees, a number of Fellowships, is past president of the Chamber of Commerce and the South Eastern Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association and was 2007 International Electronic Imager of the Year. In 1976 John with his wife Suzanne purchased the studio. In the mid-1980’s they added a north light greenhouse studio adjacent to the camera room because of the beauty they saw in the lighting of many Heirloom Photos the studio restored and those produced by Frank B. Walcott in the 1800’s. They computerized the studio in the mid-1980’s and were the first area studio to begin transitioning to electronic imaging in the 90’s.

John Walcott joined Pixels on April 20th, 2012.