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I hope you enjoy your visit to my pages. Art has become a passion and a healing tool after many years of none. For a nicer more professional view click on VISIT WEBSITE above or just have fun browsing here. If you want more information on originals for sale or want to communicate directly with the artist for any reason please private message me above. If you purchase a print please message me since I will not know who you are otherwise, and I'd like to get to know those who own my artwork. Love and Peace, in Christ, Windy Mountain Art Prints MY ART STORY: I have done art off and on since age three. As a child I was obsessed with coloring. Discouraged by a high school art teacher, I quit painting for years except textile art in the form of custom and one of a kind handmade leather clothing which I sold at art and craft shows for over twenty years in California and Montana. In 2003 I found an old watercolor set and began to draw the cabins and woods around my Montana forest home. Nine years later my art is continuing. I feel blessed to now be able to at least attempt to draw the dreams and visions I've had since I was a child. Sometimes my attempts come out more primitive than I'd like since visions and dreams are very difficult to capture. MY PHOTOGRAPHY STORY: When my fiance, a gifted photographer and world traveler, passed away my interest for photography began to increase. Suddenly I had a photographers eye and saw many more photo opportunities than I'd ever seen before. Made me wonder that he may be looking over my shoulder sometimes. The healing from his passing has taken a toll on me and now, seven years later, I'm finally able to share my art and photography as well. Sharing it is proving to be an integral part of the healing process. BOOKS: Songs Poetry, Art and Novels Last Spring I published a combination poetry/song lyrics/color art book entitled 'A Higher Plane.' There are only a few first editions left since I sold and gave so many away to family and friends, but a reprint is possibly in the works as well. Several other art/poetry/song books that have been compiled but are not published as yet. I am also working on my first novel of a series after completing a novel writing course at Christian Writers Guild. The Warning addresses the sensitive subjects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Post Abortion Syndrome (PAS). It takes place in the mid 1970s after Rocky Stoner (MIA) is rescued from the Vietnam jungle nearly dead. Rocky's struggles with a severe case of PTSD long before it being recognized as an legitimate condition. Misty, his girlfriend, deals simultaneously with PAS, a condition that is not yet today recognized due to the fact that abortions are still being performed and capitalized on by our often greedy unfeeling medical society. Her abortion is followed up by many subsequent miscarriages. The Warning will feature my own art as well as art from several Fine Art America Artists. Holly Ethan has graciously agreed to let me use her The Renovation which will become the hideout the Vietnam Vets use to plan an American Revolution. AND Michael Kenny has agreed to let me use his Missing In Action painting in the chapter where Rocky lays waiting rescue for days in the Vietnam jungle. Also featured and written into the story will be Lieutenant Dennis Pike (US Navy) a real American hero who is still missing in action from Vietnam. His widow has graciously agreed to let me write him into the story as if he had never gone missing. I'm so excited about this Fine Art America I can hardly contain myself. What a blessing!

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