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Tom Zatar Kay - Artist

Tom Zatar Kay Art

Shop for artwork created by Tom Zatar Kay.

Tom Zatar Kay www.tomzatarkay.comNeo-expressionism, neo expressionism, ZATARS, Poet, Conceptual Photographer, Painter, Sculptor, Multimedia Artist, Poetical Maestro, Artist, Vegan, Zatars Music, Cybergod.com, Auther, Abstract Expressionist Painter, Inventor, Yogi, Performance Artist, filmmaker, Comedian, Vegan'Evokes a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness'TOM ZATAR KAYTOSSES HIS FATE -- AND HIS PAINT -- TO THE WINDSWritten by: Daniel Bush, Kingston Times - Ulster PublishingExcerpts'I can throw paint on anything,' said artist Tom Zatar Kay, ' and I know what I'm doing.' Throw painting is a wild, uninhibited, and spontaneous yet also...more
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