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Les Moments

12 Years Ago

What Is The Color Of Wind When Painting?

I don't know

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12 Years Ago

I don't nessesarely visualize wind as a color.But endeavor to portray the effect it has on the subject.The movement of trees or bending of the grassin a particular direction.The wispyness of a cloud or the spray from a wave as it meets a beach blown by the wind.When doing people I may try to project the impact of wind on clothing or the unpredictible movement of the subjects hair or the subject trying to hold a hat on against the winds sometimes kaotic motion.I believe wind can be beautifully represented by it's result as opposed to a color.


Kim Wyatt

12 Years Ago

I agree, wind is colorless, but the colors used in the painting can help discribe the wind, is it dry and cold, dry and hot, crisp and cold, wet and cold?

A hot dry wind could be converyed by movement and warm sunny colors, a cold wet wind would have darker cooler colors.


Robert Miller

12 Years Ago

The color of wind can be described by what it surrounds. It could be many colors,.. say a red white and blue flag waving in the air,... on a peaceful windy day,... or a flag being ripped apart in hurricane type winds. Naturally,... the colors would haft to change,.... for the environment surrounding it.



12 Years Ago

There is no limit in painting. You can paint wind as you wish to paint. It is you personal perception to capture the color of the wind. You do not neet to ask. Don't bother about the medium or the range of the colors that you wiil use, express your views and inspirations without hesitations.


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