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Ralph Berko

12 Years Ago

Pay Money The Sell Your Artwork Online No Way

Never pay an art site a dime to show your work. If they want your money that is all their out for. The only sites that I am on are free, or take a commission. If you pay a monthly fee to show your art its like throwing money out the car window on the freeway.

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Nancy Coffelt

12 Years Ago

Is that working for you? Then great!
Here's the way I look at it - a gallery gets fifty percent of the sales price - a designer, at least twenty percent. If I conduct a studio sale it costs at least 600 dollars for mailer cards and postage - more (much more) if I advertise in a publication. I don't even want to think of the bucks I spent in rent when I had my own galleries.
I watch my pennies, you bet, but spending some to make more and have more people introduced to to your art is in my mind a wise investment. I'm on one site where I pay 59.00 a year and I've made MANY sales plus commissions and licensing deals.
Just be smart is what I say.


Mark Karvon

12 Years Ago

Nancy, I'd be interested to know which site that is where you have made MANY sales and licensing deals. I show my work all over, some on pay sites, other on free. The sales from these sites are dismal. The only benefit is the exposure.


Nancy Coffelt

12 Years Ago

Yessy has really worked for me. I have made sales from there and lots of commissions since July when I signed up.
And then an illustrator colleague saw my work there and passed my name to an agent that signed me up.
I'm on eBay too but that can be wonderful or terrible - these days mostly terrible. I'm not making much there but not losing any so.....


Carson Collins

12 Years Ago

I was one of their original BETA testers, and my own experience with "Yessy" was quite the opposite; I suppose it may depend on what kind of artwork one does... but I got zero sales there, and the number of people who saw my display at Yessy was miniscule compared to the traffic I get at my primary web site.


Nancy Coffelt

12 Years Ago

It's amazing how different sites work for different people. I have tried Etsy, Boundless and Tazbar with ZERO sales and a tiny amount of views.
I WISH I had more views and sales from my website.
30 hits a day is about tops of what I get.
Do you advertise your site?


Roz Eve

12 Years Ago

I get over 1,500 views per month on art wanted you can get there here


In jan 2007 I got 2,718 views in that month alone.
What that means is that they clicked on my image to upsize
it if I understand it correctly. I'm very honored by the enthusiatic comments frequently left
by viewers there. If you punch in my name Roz Eve you can see the wonderful comments
people leave you. I have only been there for 6 months. I have not sold any prints from
there ( which is interesting with that many views ) but I have sold a print from my private
website just last month of my oil painting Pirate Lady. I have wondered if only other
artists go there because of the lack so far of print sales.

If 2,718 walked the mall past your art and no one bought anything it might make you
want to give up yes? Is there a difference on the internet? Are people afraid you
won't send them the purchased print? Art wanted has over 5,000 artists.


William Luke

12 Years Ago

My wife has 482 images on ArtWanted and for this year January till today has 76,098 total views with not one print sale. she also receives some great comments. It would lead one to believe that it's not a place to sell Your work. Just artists patting each other on the back. Just My opinion.


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