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Michael African Visions

4 Years Ago

Faa Milestones

Please let us know about your recent FAA milestones. If its 100 views, 100 artworks posted or 100 comments on a great work of art.

Its good to have milestones and to celebrate them knowing that all the hard work and late nights it took you to get from A to B with positive results.

I'm glad to be part of FAA and I would like to celebrate everyones growth on FAA.

My recent milestone which encouraged this post is reaching my first 10 000 views. Its been just over a year and although views don't say much becuase many can be artificial. I.E. looking at your own art. I'm still glad to celebrate this milestone on FAA. Thank you all for the comments and for this great platform. Nothing like it.

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JC Findley

4 Years Ago

Interesting idea for a thread.

I finally hit 2500 images.


Jessica Jenney

4 Years Ago

good thread!


Thanks JC, I'm glad you like the idea. It could be quite fun to see what people post.

Wow 2500, that is amazing. So many images. I'm sure it took a while to get there.

I love how the internet is constantly evolving and how we as artists are a part of it. We evolve and FAA is constantly evolving by adding more and more features etc. Its really great.

We are collectively part of a very dynamic work of human art. :) This collective social art sharing site is in itself a work of modern social art.

FAA is a milestone in human social artistic interaction.


Thanks Jessica.


Peter Piatt

4 Years Ago

I turned 50 years old today and I feel like it. Real milestone for me with all the medical problems I've had over the years.


Steven Ralser

4 Years Ago

I just passed 700 images and 25 sales


Sharon Cummings

4 Years Ago

My FAA balance is the highest it's ever been in over 5 years (as of 3 days ago). :)


David Gordon

4 Years Ago

620 images, 133,000 "views"


Wow Sharon your collection is unstoppable. A steamroller that will squash us all. Well done. Nice work from the little I just looked at.


Marty Saccone

4 Years Ago

I've been on FAA for,..... 2 years, 5 months, 6 days, 17 hours, 11 minutes and 15 seconds

breaks down to....

883 days

21,192 hours

1,271,531 minutes

76,291,215 seconds

This image has been viewed,....12,383 times,......maybe I've been found,.......but who's counting ;-))

Photography Prints


Abbie Shores

4 Years Ago

I sold my first tote bag the other day!


Mel Steinhauer

4 Years Ago

On July 4th I Celebrated my 6th year at Fine Art America.

Since joining in 2009, although I got a slow start and some paychecks have been quite small I have only missed a total of 8 - FAA paydays.

Very happy to still be here ( and to still be on the planet ). I have truly enjoyed my experiences and what I have learned from the many talented people here.



Mike Savad

4 Years Ago

yeah i just sold a tote bag the other day as well, first one here anyway.

i'm closing in on the 2 million visitor mark, my views are back to where they should be, around 3000 a day.

passed 2700 uploads its not an even number now.

i guess that's it.

---Mike Savad


Nikolyn McDonald

4 Years Ago

I like milestones, too, even if I don't know they are such until I arrive at them :)

In the past 2-3 months, I have had a number of firsts: European sale, repeat customer, review posted (that I know about), phone cover sale, and throw pillow sale. I have also had my first return and my first cancelled order (which was re-ordered a day later but differently) and it's good to have those under my belt :)

Two I'm trying to get to right now are 100,000 visitors (you can ignore your own IP address, Michael - option is at top of Visitors count page) and 1500 images. I'm at at 92,000 and 1374.


David Bridburg

4 Years Ago

On June 17 I am proud to say I made my best work to date, Acts of War. My work had been developing.

From June 24 to July 6, I created 15 new works. I am gearing up for Christmas. With images that are not purely photography
supposedly as you get to 30 to 50 images you are getting towards a full portfolio to sell from. I began on Sept 1 last year with no images.
So I am getting somewhere. I began a new series, The Rustic Series, yesterday.

Art Prints


Thomas Zimmerman

4 Years Ago

Paid all monthly bills (including 2 mortgages) with FAA after tax money, and still had enough to put some in the bank. Now the next month it didn't happen, but if I did it once....I can do it again!


Marty Saccone

4 Years Ago

I've been here a bit over 2 years,.... and have gotten about 25 or so sales on prints and greeting cards from buyers browsing.

I'm my own best customer,...having purchased 32 prints and 295 greeting cards.

Am not at a break even point yet,...but getting closer by the year ;-)) I hope

I enjoy the creative aspects of creating the best in each of my images and improving my FAA premium website as I grow along ;-)

I try to present new and different pieces that set themselves apart from run of the mill images and over done subjects.

Unfortunately I have chosen a narrow theme of interest,..(Down East Maine),...and therefor have limited subject interest.

FAA is the only site I display my work to sell online.

I am not active on social networks nor do I market myself as I could,...so that hurts my sales and exposure.

I derive a great deal of satisfaction from a portfolio I am proud of,....and have worked very hard to create and pull it all together.

Have especially enjoyed new friendships in various forums and groups here,....the talent and opinions expressed on FAA have helped me grow and improve each day.

FAA is a very enjoyable adventure for this guy in his retirement years.

Marty Saccone


Richard Andrews

4 Years Ago

Reached a number of milestones last month:
200 pictures, 20,000 views, 100 followers, 600th view on 1 picture. Most importantly I made my first sale.
Yesterday I set a new high for views in 24 hours with 317.
9 hours into today I already have 146 - could be on for a new record!


Diana Angstadt

4 Years Ago

I just made my "30th sale" in 1-1/2 years of being with FAA.


Mary Bedy

4 Years Ago

I'll have my 5th year completed, starting my 6th on the 18th of this month. I'm trying to hit 3,000 images by the end of the year. I have 42 to go. That's after deleting over 500 images since I started that were not up to snuff. It's easier to tell now what will print and what won't. If I could just figure out what sells :-). Although, the Michigan landmark and shorelines sell better for me than any of the others, which I guess is a good thing since that's where I live....


David King

4 Years Ago

The other day I hit 20,000 views, at least according to my profile page, "behind the scene's" says something different.


Alfred Ng

4 Years Ago

I been here since Sept 2008 and just uploaded number 2,282 but the real milestones is I still have the drive to make art everyday.

Sell Art Online


Parker Cunningham

4 Years Ago

I hit my 25th sale today!


David Bridburg

4 Years Ago

I still have the drive to make art everyday.


I look forward hopefully to saying that years from now.


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Marlene Burns

4 Years Ago

100,000 visits from Beverly Hills.


Dora Hathazi Mendes

1 Month Ago

my milestones are grouping somehow :D

200 Original Painting Sales
301 Prints and Products sales on Fine Art America
more than
and all this from only
407 uploaded paintings.

All this since I joined Fine Art America in 2016, and using my Artist Website as my only website to showcase my total portfolio.

Thank you FAA and for my buyers, you are the best!



Jeff Folger

1 Month Ago

Congrats to all my fellow artists...

I've been here 6.5 years
705 sales (as of this morning)
173 sales for this year

I hope everyone finishes on a banner year.


Richard Thomas

1 Month Ago

158 views, and 3 sales of this image
Thanks for allowing me to share this.

Sell Art Online


Stephanie Howard

1 Month Ago

Passed 1,000 uploaded images yesterday!


Western Exposure

1 Month Ago

Got my 1st sale on Black Friday, after 4 months, 120 uploads, lots of group features and comments (Thanks!) and >6000 "visitors".


VIVA Anderson

1 Month Ago


A banner 10+years for me, totally due to you,all,here at FAA, with heartfelt Thanks.

A good opportunity here to say that I'm a bit wiser, a lot slower...Impeded now due to health issues,which means,
I must take it easier now,

I've loved my years of FAA/inspired creativity.....Thanks all, and, not goodbye, due to the situation,
not by choice.......

My Mantra.....courtesy philosopher Charles Bukowski

Sell Art Online


Thanks most sincerely , Dear Abbie....for EVERYTHING xxx

So happy for you, W.E



Toby McGuire

1 Month Ago

I've reached 200 sales on FAA for this year.

600 sales total since joining FAA


First time for 10 sales in one month. And we've still got two weeks to go. :)

~ Bill


Daniel Hagerman

1 Month Ago

I started late in 2010 on a whim. I told my wife . . . the best thing we can expect is a little monthly pin money for groceries.

Since then, we've replaced the roof, put in a high-efficiency heating system, did an expensive fence repair, took some nice vacations, did some plumbing upgrades, purchased a range, washer and dryer, put money in the bank, established a car fund (if needed), and made some charitable donations . . . all with that 'pin money' from FAA. To put it mildly ... my wife is very happy with the 'hobby' decision I embarked upon 10 years ago.

Approaching 2 million views and 5,000 sales with over 6,000 images.

I shudder when I think ... what if I had given up (in those early days) ... of $50 months and periods of NO sales with lack of confidence in my skills and abilities as an artist. Thankfully, I persevered .... kept studying art, software ... listened to the creative mentors on FAA ... and kept in the trenches creating.

Today, sales seem to be on an exponential path. When I set a sales goal that I think is wildly optimistic .... and surpass that easily and reach one much higher. Well .... all I can say is don't limit yourself. The Internet and power of FAA are quite spectacular.

Good Luck! to all the artists who endure ... who labor for that elusive sale ... and who stay the course until success.


Rich Franco

1 Month Ago

One month ago, reached 6006 images, today, almost 300 new uploads! Tomorrow, hope to get another 20 or so up, if things work out okay,



Recently hit 1ooo sales and $65000 in sales been on here for 9 years as of christmas. First 4 years were gaining momentum and last five have been steadily selling.


Rich Franco

1 Month Ago


CONGRATS!!! Where I hope to be headed!



Western Exposure

1 Month Ago

Wow, Daniel and Frozen..., those are impressive and encouraging figures. Thanks for sharing those.


Rick Berk

1 Month Ago

Hit my 800th sale in just over 8 years of being on FAA.


While I am certainly not setting the art world afire, this morning (12/20) at 7:00 AM I had my 150th sale.

I am seeing all of those nice large numbers in prior posts but, for me, 150 is a nice number.

~ Bill



23 Days Ago

Just reached almost 1100 different sales thru Fine Art America!!!! THANK YOU FINE ART AMERICA!!!



Tibor Tivadar Kui

15 Days Ago

A huge milestone: 3 months on FAA with 0 (zero) sales!!


James Wartke-Dunbar

15 Days Ago

Today I had my first view as well as my 100th, Only opened the account a few hours ago, so HEY EVERYONE ! I guess that's the biggest milestone! Taking the first step is always the most difficult.


Adam Jewell

14 Days Ago

Sale #500 today.


Photography Prints

If that was an annual number it would pay all the bills.


Chance Kafka

14 Days Ago

Today is my one year anniversary on FAA.

I just reached 30 days without a print sale. That's my longest streak actually since joining lol.

Nonetheless during the dry spell I went over 100,000 visits and 500 followers.


J S Ellington

14 Days Ago

It was so very good to read these posts. Very encouraging! I have been here since mid October. I have had sales from people I know but no "strangers" yet.

Milestones: 100+ followers; 4,000+ visitors.

Such nice and very talented company to be in. Thanks everyone.


John Hughes

13 Days Ago

Reached the Milestone of having 600 Followers on the FAA Website.


Jessica Jenney

9 Days Ago

Today is my 10th year at FAA! January 10, 2010! YAY!

And as a gift I made 6 print sales yesterday!


Douglas Brown

9 Days Ago

I know views don’t really mean much but with activity on most social media including Pinterest my views have just tipped over the 5k. My marketing is 99% aimed at bringing punters to my website, I feel it’s only a matter of time where seeing some sales goes. I’ll take the 5k views and I’ll time how long it takes to get to 7k, if I get that in 14 days or so, I’ll be happy with that.



8 Days Ago

Thank you Fine Art America for my now present 1000+ orders that have sold thru Fine Art America!!!!!
Bucket list of 100k thru Fine Art America drawing nearer every day!!!
Thank you Sean and Abbie for enlightening so many artists and buyers with a more beautiful world!!!!

Karen Wiles


Brian Wallace

4 Days Ago

Today I uploaded my 4 thousandth FAA gallery image!!! (not counting a few I deleted since 2011 when I became a member).

A panoramic view of a Park bench that is off kilter compared to the horizon because it was positioned on a slant hillside. The silhouette of a gray squirrel was digitally replicated at different positions scampering underneath the bench at Downs Park in Pasadena, Maryland because it was captured multiple times in the 5-shot sequence that produces the pano. The Patapsco River flows past the overlook as it contributes it's part to the Chesapeake Bay near the Golden Hour of evening.

Squirrelly Park Bench Pano by Brian Wallace


Tibor Tivadar Kui

3 Days Ago

Within 3 months with less than 200 images I've reached 10k visitors.Considering that at least 50% of them are bots I'm not excited at all. But I like the number: 10K.


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