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Abbie Shores

12 Years Ago

Rules Of Discussions - Updated May 2022

Welcome to our online art forum / print-on-demand forum! This forum is dedicated to providing photographers, artists, and art collectors with an open forum to discuss

. buying and selling artwork online,
. print-on-demand products,
. print-on-demand technologies,
. and general topics of interest from the art world.



1. The discussions are not for complaints of any kind. See the links at the bottom for support and complaints. Your thread WILL be closed.
2. Be constructive and respectful to everyone. ALWAYS. If giving advice;

If legal - point out this is opinion only
If artistic - only give if critique asked for
if critique not asked for, do not give artistic advice, ONLY technical

3. Do not take over someone else's thread. Open your own if you have a different question.

4. Do not keep posting if you are not responded to quickly. We are all in different time zones and may not actually be on yet!

5. If somebody comes on asking for help who is from other country and not speaking English, try to help them in their language https://translate.google.com


7. Do not open a new thread about your image....This is a Discussion page. Feel free to open a discussion! You may share news about winning a contest off site, sales of the original, or gallery showings off the site.

Marketing Help

8. 12 rated Only. The site has all ages on it. Restrict adult language, avatars, and content, to adult sites.

9. No religion or politics in the main discussion area. At all. Ever. Under any guise.

10. Proper subject titles only. Help. Hi. etc. Are not subject lines. Your thread will be closed and you may open a new thread with a proper subject heading

11. ALL images you load on the site or in a discussion MUST be copyright to you, or you have licence/permission to use. TERMS OF USE

12. We do not discuss other members, including if they have rights to their work, on this forum. If you have any concerns about another member contact me direct. If you have concerns about their art, contact dmca@stites.com

13. No racism, sexism, ageism. Nor can we go back in time to correct things from the past, so we will not discuss them here.

14. Do not discuss other competing sites at all. If you have a query about one, just go to their forums and ask there. Never send other members off to them. Never send people to another printers.

15. Do not use signatures in your post unless you are staff.

16. Thread crossover is not allowed. If you have something to say in one thread, say it there. If a thread is closed by a moderator and you open a new thread on the subject you will receive an automatic ban...possibly an exceptionally long one if the post warrants.

17. NO "Is this art" or "What do you think?" threads If you have to ask, no it is not! If you have work here for sale then you should already know. These are different from a properly worded critique request threads. If you have to ask the difference, please do not post.

18. At no time will a member argue with a Moderators decision or with the moderator on the board. The Mods are beyond fair so if you are asked to stop a behaviour it is for a reason and you are asked to just stop or be suspended. If you argue we will BAN YOU without warning.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not discuss Moderators decisions on the board. Sometimes we do not discuss them off it either.

19. If bringing into a conversation numbers and study results, or world opinions, you must add the source link at the end so people can make informed decisions themselves and to back up your claim.


Updating of the guidelines: Please note this page is subject to updates without notice. We urge members to check the page on a regular basis.

NEW MEMBERS - Start Here


CUSTOMER SERVICE Customer Service is for buyers with questions about new and existing orders click and choose Customer Service

TECHNICAL SUPPORT, Technical Support is for members with technical questions about using the site. click and choose Technical Support

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Abbie Shores

3 Months Ago

New rule 18


Abbie Shores

3 Months Ago

Added new rule and updated old ones today 17th May 2022

Please read before posting again

Abbie Shores
General Manager - Fine Art America | Pixels.com


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