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Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

New Faq - Tips And Links You Need

Loads of thanks go to Jason Freedman for his invaluable help tidying up our helpful links!!!

This is not a problem, bug, or issues thread. If you have a problem, please go to the TECHNICAL OR CUSTOMER SUPPORT LINK or see this thread for bug updates



Groups Liaison Ludwig Keck



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Groups Liaison Ludwig Keck


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EVERYTHING you need to know is there. If it is not, let me know and I will add it

Artist Website: Music

Artist Website: Can I put a graphic in the Title space?

Artist Website: Custom Domains - Artist Website

Artist Website: Galleries Or Images As Homepage

Artist Website: I can see password protected images on the All Images page!

Artist Website: I changed my image or headshot and it still looks like the old one

Behind the Scenes: Can I change my password?

Behind the Scenes: Can I change my widget to show a gallery first?

Behind the Scenes: Can I delete my account?

Behind the Scenes: Can I edit all my prices at once? (Global Pricing)

Behind the Scenes: Forgot Your Password?

Behind the Scenes: CHANGING PRICES

Behind the Scenes: How do I change the url

Behind the Scenes: How do I get my artwork and events included in the bi-monthly FineArtAmerica newsletter?

Behind the Scenes: How do I get my website in the Artists Website link at the top of the page?

Behind the Scenes: How to get a website to show up on my bio - we do not now allow clickable links, I am sorry

Behind the Scenes: Most popular tags/keywords on FAA?

Behind the Scenes: Sponsoring Pages

Behind the Scenes: Tagging, or Keywords and Descriptions

Behind the Scenes: Using Keywords  Is there a way to reuse or copy sets of keywords I use consistently?

Behind the Scenes: What is a bot? Or Search bot?

Behind the Scenes: Where do I see who has visited or commented on my site?

Behind the Scenes: Where is the close account tab?

Behind the Scenes: Why doesn't my website have a vote icon available?

Behind the Scenes: Why was my account closed right after opening?

Communication: How do I send an email to someone?

Communication: I received a strange email from a member

Communication: PRESS RELEASES

Community - Contests: How do I add an image to a contest?

Community - Contests: How do you delete ineligible images from contests you are running

Community - Contests: I cannot see contests I am participating in?

Community - Contests: Votes on one of my paintings was reset/deleted

Community - Discussions: How do I add a post to the forum?

Community - Discussions: How do I add clickable links?

Community - Discussions: How do I change text colour / Make text bold/italic?

Community - Discussions: How do I embed a Youtube video in a post?

Community - Discussions: How do I put an image from my computer in a post?

Community - Discussions: How do I put one of my images from my galleries into the discussions or on another page?

Community - Discussions: How do I resize my image in a post?

Community - Groups: Group Administration Guidelines

Community - Groups: How do I join a Group?

Community - Groups: How do I leave a group?

Community - Groups: I have joined a group, how do I add my image?

Community - Scam Mails (takes you off site)
Our thread here Spam, Scam, Fake Buyers And What To Do

Copyright: Wallpaper sites and infringement

FAA Functionality: Everything has changed. where do I go now?

FAA Functionality: How do you get on the featured art page or the various collections pages?

FAA Functionality: How Search Works

FAA Functionality: I put my images up and can not find them in search!

FAA Functionality: Searching for All artists in a particular city or country

FAA Functionality: Slow Site - Uploads timing out

Finances: I changed prices for some originals it shows up correct when viewing on the art piece but isn't listed on the aw front pages does it take a day or so to change?

Finances: I do not understand your pricing structure/mark up

Finances: I haven't been paid! Why not?

Finances: I see a $5 (or$10) extra charge for customers over my pricing. What is that?

Finances: The Do's and Do Not's of accepting money on the internet

Finances: What do I do to get paid by PayPal?

Finances: What is a PayPal address?

Image management: Artwork sizes & output

Image management: Can I post images of celebrities?

Image management: COLOUR SPACE

Image management: Creating Your Own Custom Signature For Digital Prints..tutorial

Image management: Creating Password Controlled Collections

Image management: How do I add an image from another site into a post?

Image management: How do I add images in bulk to a collection?

Image management: How do I delete unwanted images from the artwork page of my premium FAA website?

Image management: How do I get my images to load the right way around?

Image management: How do I set up a collection?

Image management: how do i upsize pixels so my customers can buy larger size prints?

Image management: How to add a collection Image to replace that FAA logo?

Image management: My image is over 25mb What do I do?

Image management: sRGB or RGB uploads? ProPhoto colorspace? Size? Format?

Image management: what is the best way to know if the photography is best pixel quality that will sell?

Marketing: A Few Reasons Why You May Not Be Selling

Marketing: Evaluating Your Own Work To Sell

Marketing: Marketing Yourself

Marketing: Promoting Your Art

Marketing: Six Month Observation About Marketing

Marketing: The Elephant In The Room - Maybe Your Art Just Isn't That Good...

Marketing: The Formula To Pricing Art?

Original Art: Framing Originals, some tips

Original Art: How Do I Launch A Local Art Show??

Products: Dimensions for sizing your images to fit on each product (FAA and

Products: How do I change the selection of products I offer?

Tools - other: Configuring Google Analytics to Track Your Visitors

Tools - other: I cannot find my artist website on the search engines?

Tools - other: Saving your details in Irfanview if timing out (and using IPTC)

Tools - other: Where to get reference photos, when you don't want to take your own

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This is awesome. So comprehensive!

Susan Maxwell Schmidt
So-so Board Moderator and
Artist Extraordinaire


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

Less than on the old one but better placed. I had help!


Mike Breau

1 Year Ago

Awesome Abbie!!


Catherine Reading

1 Year Ago

This looks great. These links have been a huge help for me since joining FAA so thank you making it more user friendly.


Jane Linders

1 Year Ago

I've been on FAA for years and I'm still learning. Thank you , thank you , thank you!


Susan Wiedmann

1 Year Ago

Abbie, et al, AWESOME indeed! Thank you.


Steven Ralser

1 Year Ago

Great compilation Abbie. However, one thing that is missing is sharpening. My understanding is yu should do your creative sharpening ((e.g. using the details tab in Lightroom), but don't do output sharpening (or just do sharpening for screen?). The amount of output sharpening (which is in the Print Menu, or export dialog box in lightroom) is dependent on the media (glossy or matte) and the size of the print.


Always learning something new.


Terry DeLuco

1 Year Ago

Looks great! Thanks so much!!


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

You only do the sharpening you need artistically. Don't Sharpen if it's not necessary artistically


Diane Zucker

1 Year Ago

I like the easier to read, more user friendly format. Thanks Abbie.


Julie Weber

1 Year Ago

Excellent! Thank you for this.
Very useful presentation. Looks like it will serve as a great resource for all. I put it at the top of my bookmarks for FAA/Pixels.


Ken Stanback

1 Year Ago

Thanks so much for sharing this info.


James McCormack

1 Year Ago

Excellent, thanks!


Carol Cottrell

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much, Abbie, for this orderly and easy to read guide!


Hi. Is there a way to access my archives?


Zin Shades

1 Year Ago

Wow Abbie! Thank you :)

Robert "Zin"


Lois Bryan

1 Year Ago

VERY cool!!!!


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago


I do not understand, We do not have archives on the site


Natalie Holland

1 Year Ago

Excellent! Thank you, Abbie!


Shari Warren

1 Year Ago

Hi Abbie,

How do we access any customer information, such as their email address for our own email list? Currently, I can only see the city and country when a customer makes a purchase.


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

Although we understand artists need to thank customers, or to make lists, we will not give out our customers details. If you read our Privacy Policy, it says.......

Fine Art America takes precautions to ensure that member account information is kept private. We use reasonable measures to protect member information that is stored within our database, and we restrict access to member information to those employees who need access to perform their job functions, such as our customer service personnel and technical staff.

As you can see, it would be against the privacy promise we give you, yourself, to give out any other members details.

They can contact you at any time on your page, or subscribe to your newsletters


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

Can you have more than one domain name point to a premium site? Have one and would like to add an earlier registered domain that I lost my host for to also point and go to my premiums site on FAA.

Currently it appears you can only have one custom domain inputted?

You may only ‘point’ one. That is using the Custom Domain settings.

However you can also forward as many as you like. Log into your domain host and look for FORWARD or FORWARDING and then put in your pixels address

What are the rules for selling photos with brands in them? For example, say I have a shot of McDonald's golden arches or maybe a macro shot of my iphone. Is listing these kinds of shots for sale a no-no? I know stock photo sites prohibit it, but that's for commercial use, so not sure if there's a difference.

Second, what's a "normal" markup to add to the base prices? I just left everything at the defaults for now. Thanks for the tips!

Representations and Warranties

.......(C) The Images and all parts thereof are owned and/or controlled by You, unencumbered and original works and are capable of copyright protection in all countries where copyright or similar protection is available;
(D) If the Images contain any human likeness from which an individual may be identified, You own or have acquired all rights to use such human likenesses;

There is no normal markup and nobody can tell you what to add.


Robin-Lee Vieira

1 Year Ago

Thank you!!

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Jason Freedman

1 Year Ago

Dear Abbie:

Happy to help. Thanks for the shout out!



Raymond Alvarez

1 Year Ago

Thanks for putting that together. Must have taken a lot of work.


Daliana Pacuraru

1 Year Ago

Thank you Abbie.A lot of work! Happy New Year!


Nancy Strahinic

1 Year Ago

I'm confused. I click on one of the links and it doesn't appear to open to that info, just lists of what appears to be non related. What am I doing wrong?


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

If any are broken, just let us know which ones


Robert Chavarria

1 Year Ago

I haven't uploaded any images, yet because I feel I have a lot more to learn about the site first, so this section is super helpful, but when I clicked on one of the links it took me to a different website, in the UK? I backed out immediately because I wasn't expecting to leave FAA. Was I supposed to be taken to a different website? Is all the info not available on FAA?


Mike Breau

1 Year Ago

More than likely it led you to Abbie's site.
Most info she transferred here, but some she linked to there, but kindly has given us the use of it.
Her UK site is good-Appreciate it!


Hans Zimmer

1 Year Ago

Dear Isabella - I beg your pardon but i just searched the discussions for "scam" and "phishing" without a result although i already read about it in threads. Wouldn´t it be of any help to many to set up some points to be alert at ? Perhaps it is considered common knowledge to all the "old foxes" around here but i can imagine a lot of people that never heared about it.
I beg your pardon if such site exists - perhaps i just missed it?


Abbie Shores

1 Year Ago

Thanks, Mike :)

Hans, yes we have a thread about it...let me find the link.


Hans Zimmer

1 Year Ago

Thank you so much for that, dear Isabella :o)


Sandi OReilly

12 Months Ago

Abbie, thank you for your hard work, I am not getting my images stolen!!!! And much more.


Mary Elizabeth Thompson

11 Months Ago

Hello -

1) Is there a way to see a comprehensive list of all the products currently on offer at FAA and/or Pixels?

2) Is there a way to see (or download and print) a comprehensive chart of all of my art on the website and what products I've activated for each, with the prices I've set? Or is the only way to have that info is to manually keep track of it on my end?

3) Where would we find announcements of new products? Is there a way to see a calendar of upcoming new products? For example, I saw a post from several years ago saying there would be calendars and puzzles, but we still don't have either one, do we?

4) Is there a place we can vote on products we'd like to see added?

Thank you!


Abbie Shores

11 Months Ago

1. Click on the shop on and you can see everything

2. No

3. We do not do one

4. Every month there is a new suggestions thread in the forum. Look for suggestions (February's is open now)


Jean Noren

11 Months Ago

Thanks Abbie, this is very helpful. I do not think the link for “what is a bot,search bots is working”


Abbie Shores

11 Months Ago

Ok, new link added there, thank you!


Edward Eagerton

11 Months Ago

Just joined today, so this is super helpful as I try to figure it all out. Thank you for making a one-stop resource post! Now, lots of reading...


Aurelio Carbone

11 Months Ago

Great job! thanks! I need all the help I can get! haha


Charme Curtin

10 Months Ago

Thanks for all the good information!


Uther Pendraggin

10 Months Ago

Hey, I didn't see. What is the deal with selling away? I notice that some artists will say "Contact me to buy the original" or words to that effect.

Is FAA in for a cut of that?

And what about digital sales? If I wanted to sell a Micro Sd card with a selection of images. Is there a process to do that here? And if not, am I stepping on toes if I offer them? Do I owe FAA a piece for like a "finders fee?"

Lastly. Is it possible to sell a private portfolio collection? Say Mr. Jones has a Google stick that allows him to web surf on his TV. Can I set up a collection and provide him with the password so that ONLY he can then display those images on his tv?

Thank you.


Maybe I missed it in those links, but I'm still confused how to get ALL of my pieces available on ALL products, phone case, pillows etc.

I've tried multiple times with no success, so I would nee a DETAILED step by step tutorial. :(


Judy Dempsey

9 Months Ago

Do u get to keep your own clientele or does it become fine art America,s?


Richard Yates

9 Months Ago

Thank you for sharing this, it's an awesome resource and much appreciated. Best wishes always!


Xueling Zou

9 Months Ago

Thank you, very helpful !


Jonathan Ross

9 Months Ago

Great Info! Thanks


Abbie Shores

6 Days Ago

This is not a bug or problem thread

If you need to know how something works, this is for that only


Manuel Ascanio

2 Days Ago

Hello Abbie:
The line:
Image management: My image is over 25mb What do I do?
Links to this entry:
Which links to a 7 year old pos in the forumt:
Is that ok?


Manuel Ascanio

20 Hours Ago

Hello Abbie:

Artist Website: Custom Domains - Artist Website
Point to this: which points to which is this post
It is not exactly a bronken link but it goes in circles.

I found this:

I finnaly found a way to change my avatar in the pixels page bus I was not able to find any tutorial is there any?


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