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Swedish Attitude Design

7 Months Ago

Tips Of A Good Photo Editor Tool App

Hi All!

I wonder if you guys have a Good tip for a #1 all-in-one photo editor tool for windows? Im used to Picsart and I love that one, But it has become so many Advertise popups that actually blocks almost the whole screen and working tools. It is impossible to work in that program now!

So if you maybe have a program that is simuler to Picsart I would love to hear tabout it!

Best Regards
Swedish Attitude Design

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David Bridburg

7 Months Ago

I swear by Photoshop



Photoshop I have, But it is little bid too advance for me


Andy Gimino

7 Months Ago

Darktable just released a windows version...its a lightroom clone but its free and open source. gimp would be your free Photoshop equivalent. I personally use the adobe cc lightroom/Photoshop combo. Affinty photo, onone photoraw are some other ones.


Mike Savad

7 Months Ago

gimp is almost like a photoshop but has a high learning curve, open source, no ads, and free.

photoshop is the all around thing, but also a very high learning curve, but it does everything. it really depends what you want to do with it.

---Mike Savad


Doug Swanson

7 Months Ago

You might want to check out apps created by "Skylum". They make a bunch of apps, of which the best (IMO) is Luminar for Mac. They have recently begun making inroads into the Windows world, however, and you might find some deals or free downloads for trial versions. The forum talk about Win versions seems to include a lot of bugs, but the company has been working diligently, is improving their software and doesn't charge "rent" like Adobe. I do all of my editing with their apps on the Mac and find that their programs are easy and self-explanatory. I'm sure that, any minute now, a Lightroom/Photoshop fan (photo software geeks are quite notorious) will jump in with a hundred or so things that Luminar doesn't do and that any competent photo editor can't live without, but it's worth checking to see if the Skylum apps might do the job for you.


David King

7 Months Ago

If you are looking to make just basic adjustments and want a program that is about as simple and easy to use as it gets I recommend Irfanview. It's free and very basic but works quite well. I use it as my viewer when browsing my hard drive, it's so simple it loads instantly.

Another option is Topaz Studio, it's also free and comes with a pretty good set of basic adjustment tools and more advanced tools can be added on later, (for a price) and it's pretty intuitive.

For more advanced editing I use Corel PaintShop Pro, (PSP) while I've never used Photoshop my understanding from comments I've read online is the learning curve for PSP is much more manageable.


James McCormack

7 Months Ago

Gimp also.


Thank you so much, I will try them all and let you know.

Sincerely Cia


Bill Posner

7 Months Ago

If you are starting up and serious about doing this for a while, I think the best you can get for the money is On1 Raw. It has tons of features all in one suite. I use it, but as a plugin to LR and PS.

For organizational purposes, I start everything in LR because of it's cataloging features, and everything else is a plugin to it. I have close to 2 terabytes of images so it's nice to be able to have everything organized and easy to get to. ON1 Raw has a pretty good cataloging feature built in as well, and easy to navigate. When I started working digitally with stills ON1 software was still in its infancy and wasn't that good and had a lot of "undocumented features" ;) but they did a complete re-write about 18 months ago or so and it's a pretty solid product

You can try it free


Isabella Shores

7 Months Ago

For very simple edits and some filters, I use free Photoscape

I also promote that one for new people to use

For more advanced editing, I use GIMP


Bill Posner! Thank you for the tip, I will try it. And yes Im very serious about creating art, Im very new and still learning from you all. Check out my Galleri and see if im serious or not ;-D Just saying.

Best Wishes


Thank you Isabella, I check that one out too

Sincerely Cia


Diana Angstadt

7 Months Ago

I use ipiccy and ribbet...... wonderful and easy! Lots of different editing tools. Ipiccy is totally free.... Ribbet is free for the basic functions and $5 a month for the advanced functions. Super easy. I also use Photoshop Elements.


Thank you Diana!, I will check that one out too

Sincerely Cia


Shelli Fitzpatrick

7 Months Ago

I use Gimp, but I heard recently that Snapseed which is my favorite iphone editing app has been made available for PC or Mac, If that is true you can really do alot with Snapseed like adding retrolux filters and hd or grunge... and stacking filters to come up with your own unique looks and Snapseed is very user friendly. I have been still using it on my iphone but I might even check into and download it if it is really available for computers now. Good Luck.


RD Erickson

7 Months Ago

I swore off PS - I saw the disc in the drawer the other day - but it's an ancient version now. I use PhotoPlus 8 by Serif and I also have their Affinity - which I mostly use for correcting perspective.

I have GIMP - but only used it when I was making stuff for tee shirts on another POD - way back when I was using a program that was free called Ulead - I think Corel bought them out.


I use Photoshop Elements. Even though I have the full Photoshop I very seldom ever fire it up. "Elements" does everything I need for my photo editing and takes up little space. When purchased, it has both the PC and Mac versions on the same CD - and it quite cost-effective. It also had three levels - so the learning curve is almost nil at the "Easy" level.

~ Bill


Afterthought Studio

7 Months Ago



Richard Reeve

7 Months Ago

PhotoShop is probably the gold standard as it can do just about anything that your imagination can conjure up but, as you have seen above, there are dozens of perfectly capable editors out there, and many free. Even though I have Photoshop in the end I keep coming back to GIMP as that's what I started on. I think it really depends on what you're used to.

Another one I didn't see above is LightZone ( Oh, and if you want to stitch images together (e.g., for panoramas) don't forget free Microsoft ICE (


Edit: in looking through my PC I also forgot I did dabble with InPaint ( a while back... (see, there are so many you can get overwhelmed...)


Thank you all for the tips, I wonder if my PC will explode with all thi test downloads ;-D
I had tried GIMP now, and that wasn´t one of my favorite (im so sorry)

Irfanview was 1 of the favorite so that one I keep on PC While Topaz Studio was less fav. The program Skylum I could not find anywhere on Microsoft store nor on google search?

On1 Raw was little bit to advance for me same as PS. I have a small handicap from a accident and my brain cant function as well as I would like it to. So program Like PicsArt I worked in b4 was easy and had alot of tools/stickers/magic/effects/filters/ and where I could blend and mix with all the things I would like to use in my artwork! Perhaps child level, but thats is what I for now can handle and master at the same time Learn!

I will try other tips you have came up with so it is like christmas time for me now to open all this exiting work programs ;-D

Thank you all again it is much appreciated

Sincerely Cia


James B Toy

7 Months Ago

I'm surprised nobody has yet mentioned I've been using it for years. It's fairly easy to learn (much easier than GIMP), and does 95% of what I need it to do. I use GIMP for the other 5%. It's free to use indefinitely, but they do ask for donations. It started out as a Microsoft project to develop a successor to the Windows Paint program, but later got spun off and developed independently as a full-featured photo editor.

Here's the link Just be careful not to confuse the "Download Now" ads for the actual program download which is a simple text link at the top of the page.



Judy Kay

7 Months Ago

And I can't believe no-one has recommended Topaz Studio, Check out this review link:
I find the program easy to use . There is a promo with 30% off through New Years, Here is the download link , have a Mac and windows version
The basic program is free and you can add plugins when desired,


Lutz Baar

7 Months Ago

Cia, I don't believe you are looking for a photo-editor but rather an art-editor.

For PC check out Smart Photo Editor by Anthropics. A lot of arty filters! Free trial version. Buy about 30 dollars.



George Sonner

7 Months Ago

You can also try pixlr it does not require download or installation, free simple and effective. It is web based and has many features to open edit and save images from any device. I use this and.also gimp.


David King

7 Months Ago

"And I can't believe no-one has recommended Topaz Studio"

Actually I did.


Isabella Shores

7 Months Ago

Gimp is a learning curve and I've added a load of scripts to it. But if people don't like Photoshop, they may not like this.


Thank you all for the Tips, Baar Lutz: You hit the jackpot! This is correct tool "art-editor" I needed, really cool effects and other tools in it! Only thing I miss is more options of stickers!
Do you know a "stickers tool - editor where I can work within same editor? In Picsart I worked with different kind of sceneries to add in to my work and create them as I wish and wherever i want on my backgrounds sheet! With the stickers in Picsart I choose, i could twist and turn them so It fits in to the environment sheet I worked in!
A very amazing tool for me to grow and create art.

Sincerely Cia


I like Gimp as well. About a year ago I got a new to me computer and downloaded Gimp to hold me over until I could get Photoshop Elements. Still haven't got PSE. I probably will so I can get the package with the Adobe video editing software -- can't remember the name right off -- but there's no hurry because I like Gimp so much.


Kevin Humphrey

7 Months Ago

I primarily use GIMP or photoshop express when on Windows, thanks for telling about Darktable.


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