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Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

365-day Projects

What is a 365-day project? It’s a commitment to pick something you’re going to do every single day in the upcoming year for 365 days from your start date.

It could be creating a piece of artwork every day for a year, or taking a photo every day for a year, or writing a poem, trying out a new recipe a day, exercising, meditating, or … you tell us! What is it you want to accomplish during 2018 and what is one thing you could do everyday that would help you get there?

Here’s mine: I recently put together a business plan to guide me to build my business in a systematic and structured way, the ultimate goal: to increase my sales. My 365-day project is to work some aspect of that business plan each and every day; find out what works and what doesn’t; have some fun in the process and, if I’m successful, sell my work. I have days in my business plan where I will be uploading new images, others where I will be working on marketing, some days will be about educating myself with the necessary tools to effectively work my business, and of course those days where I will be out taking pictures or creating new art. .

Here’s my day 1 upload, taken during a summer vacation in Yosemite National Park it’s one of many images in my files that for one reason or another I haven't found the time to do the post-processing and uploading.

Sunrise In The Forest by Patricia Sanders

Please share here, once a day, everyday, your 365-project if you are doing one. Tell us/show us how you are doing, but please do not just share an image … share also the thoughts, stories, etc.

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I'm going to do a black and white image, everyday. I did the black and white challenge and loved it. I'm going to try and make a collection of black and whites


JC Findley

4 Months Ago

I really like your take on this Patricia.

I am not a fan of the 365s that require creating every day. There are days where there is just nothing there and if you are true to the challenge it forces you to create substandard work at times. OK, it would force ME to create substandard work anyway.


Frank J Casella

4 Months Ago

If you follow the art business coaches, advisers, gurus, and the like, they all say a similar thing. To be a successful artist, whether you make sales or not, you have to work on your business/art/pictures everyday. Sometimes that means the same time slot every day, other times it means a different aspect as you're doing .. so you're on to something Patricia.

I also agree with what JC said about substandard work .. .when I did the 365 it showed me this, and that for me the definition of success is not that I'm making sales, rather that I'm doing a little better than yesterday. Baby steps every day lead to a giant leap over time. If you keep a journal of your progress, or just say post an update on Twitter everyday with the same hashtag .. once you've reached the end of the project go back and look at how much your progressed.

EDIT: Many times when I see an artist do a project like this and make their goal about making more sales, later I go back to see their progress and more often than not they are frustrated because their expectations are too high. It's best in my opinion to just focus on what is your art, and not watch the sales or the social media activity. You will find that when you get rid of all the 'distractions' you'll start to make great art from your soul, and not what or how you expect others to respond.


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

Glad you'll be joining me Abbie!

@ JC and Frank ... I couldn't agree more. For me the thing is that I really want to work a plan that improves my business overall and that can mean different things on different days, otherwise I'd probably fall into the rut of substandard work. I also need to focus on marketing which is a different skill set. Great suggestion of keeping a journal. i think the discussion thread will be one aspect of that for sure. For me I will probably also keep one offline as well.


David King

4 Months Ago

I'd take this challenge on but I know myself too well, I wouldn't last two weeks. lol


Edward Fielding

4 Months Ago

My art business is a 365 project. I do something to advance it every day. As far as creating, that tends to come in spurts. Usually life happens, and then I get an opportunity to create, the life happens and so on.


Lindley Johnson

4 Months Ago

I like your 365 day plan, Patricia. It is focused, but provides the flexibility that is realistic, and that I need. Basically, do something every day to advance your FAA business. One can shoot, process, upload, learn, market - whatever works into your day and what you need at the time. Works for me!


JC Findley

4 Months Ago

I am with Edward on that and work on something business wise almost every day if not every day.


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

@ David The good news about this challenge is you can start at any time. The new year is an obvious start time, but every day can be a new beginning.

@ Edward I've gotten the sense (from the sidelines of many discussions) that approach your business that way. Will you be joining us and sharing your accomplishments each day?

@ Lindley I hope that means your joining us.


Matt Harang

4 Months Ago

Love this thread. I did a photo a day in 2017. This year I will do one piece of art a day... either a drawing, painting, or other. The goal is to create every day. Thanks for posting this!


Frank J Casella

4 Months Ago

You also might want to check the articles and experiences from our resident art consultant, Barney Davey, for some ideas and inspiration.


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

Glad you are joining us Matt.

Thanks Frank for the link to Barney's blogs. I've randomly picked one of the blogs to read. His message already helped inspire a different way of thinking about some of my marketing ideas, so thank you also to Barney Davey!

I also found for those who might be interested in joining us that you can google 365-day projects and there are a number of sites that have numerous ideas to use as inspiration to create new images.


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

Day 2 for me. Here's my upload for the day. One of several Eclipse shots I've had in the "To Do" file. My family and I went up to Madras Oregon to see the eclipse, which is where this shot was taken. I took bursts of multiple exposures hoping to capture the rays of the corona. Keeping the sun in the center of the frame was a bit of a challenge especially as I was working more than one camera and OMG, totality goes by SO QUICKLY. For this shot I added a bit of warmth to the image when processing it. I plan to work on a few others that were taken moments before/after in the next few days.

2017 Total Solar Eclipse by Patricia Sanders



I have set up an ideas post on my site. Every day we will add art ideas for people to draw from

If anyone is interested, please feel free to bookmark and check back for a muse attack

1st Post

Category to bookmark

(your image is awesome!)


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

Thanks Abbie,

I am hoping more members will join us and also I'm SO looking forward to seeing the creativity that will be forthcoming! I've a question for you. Your day two is the topic "broken" I have had a photographic project in mind on that topic, but may not get to it for some time. Is it okay to take your topics out of order if we want to play?


Mary Lee Dereske

4 Months Ago

I thought about a 365 project, then realized I have another goal this year of getting a book to Kickstarter which is going to take precedence. BUT! I did write a blog on questions to ask yourself before embarking on a 365 photo challenge! :-)

Kudos to all who are taking this on!
** Mary Lee Dereske


Lindley Johnson

4 Months Ago

As I said before, Patricia, I like this idea, so here goes. I actually started on Dec. 31, resolving to do something productive every day in my photography world. I started by uploading two photos on the 31st and two on Jan. 1. Today I read an article explaining the benefits of back button focus. Though I've used back button focus, I haven't embraced it fully, so we'll see how it goes in the coming weeks and months.

I'll be on a trip with non-photographer friends for about ten days in January, so it may be a bit difficult to keep it up for those days, but I'll at least try to get some good images.

Your eclipse image is awesome, Patricia!


James McCormack

4 Months Ago

I like the idea but I have two issues with it (my issues, not the ideas)

1. Me producing substandard work, but I guess I just need to speed up, or produce more some days for the less days.
2. Sometimes a list works , sometimes I cannot feel interested in the "topic of the day" and end uop doing something else.

that said - I did more than 365 last year so I guess keep going and attach numbers.






The whole point of 365 challenges are not to have perfect saleable images. They are to test you and to make you do things you would not normally have done. They are more learning tools than selling ones


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

Mary Lee

When I was looking online at 365 ideas, there was one site that suggested taking a year to write a book and committing to a certain amount of work each day/week/or other periodic time frame. Feel free to make that type of commitment if it works for you.


Diane Zucker

4 Months Ago

OK, I'm going to give this a try! My 365-day project is somewhat similar what Patricia stated in her original post. My project will be to work on some aspect of my photo business each day. I started a simple time log chart with columns for shooting, editing and posting images to FAA (I have a big backlog of images to edit), marketing, learning and comments. I will evaluate how I spent my time monthly and what I need to focus more on.

On January 1st, I photographed the supermoon rising. Today, on January 2nd, I went to the lake to photograph the supermoon setting. Clouds didn't exactly cooperate this morning with the moon, but I got other interesting shots and a couple have possibilities.


Mo Barton

4 Months Ago

I have just completed doing a 365/Photo A Day Challenge for two full years.

In terns of positives: I have thought much more about my photography every day.
I have definitely improved my composition skills.
I have created some saleable images. I wouldn't have been taking train pictures as I rushed for a train at Kings Cross Station if it hadn't "needed" to for the days prompt and this sold Sell Art Online

My editing skills and use of apps to create digital art have massively improved.
Being part of a supportive/online community has provided daily inspiration/ education.
My mental health has benefitted from having something creative to focus on.

Negatives: Taking any old picture sometimes very late in the day just to complete the prompt.
Relying too much on phone images as that's so much easier to take/ edit/upload to the Photo A Day group than getting out my DSLR/uploading to the computer etc.
Not being allowed to link to my Pixels site by the group rules so limited as a marketing opportunity!

BUT overall a massively positive experience that I would highly recommend :)
My aim now is to only take a photograph if the daily prompt really inspires me.


Frank J Casella

4 Months Ago

"The whole point of 365 challenges are not to have perfect saleable images. They are to test you and to make you do things you would not normally have done. They are more learning tools than selling ones"

Spot on Abble!!


Kathy K McClellan

4 Months Ago

I have participated in the Our Arts Magazine 365 challenge. I had to take multiple captures of the day's subject and then had to "tweek" the photo in software.

So even though some of my work was substandard I was practicing with different camera and software settings to get something "decent". As mentioned above ending up with substandard images can help us to learn to create better images with the "next" capture.

Trying to write AND take photos everyday while working in a little traveling will be my challenge this coming year!


Rob Corsetti

4 Months Ago

I set a goal on # of paintings, I do every year.
For the last 4 years my goal is 12
this year I did 11, best ever. I usually make 8-10
But I do work on some aspect of my art or design almost every day.
Here is my last painting of 2017
I will start the first one for 2018 on friday.

Sell Art Online


Lindley Johnson

4 Months Ago

Today I uploaded this image from a trip to Croatia. If you ever travel to Dubrovnik, be sure to take a walk on the city wall that surrounds the city.

dubrovnik from the wall


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

Hi Everyone & Welcome to all who decided to come on board yesterday!

If you’re just reading this for the first time, and thinking you might want to get involved, it’s never the wrong time or too late to begin a 365-day challenge, please joint us!

Thanks Mo, Rob, and Lindley for posting your work – Very Nice!

I don’t have any new image uploads to post today, but encourage all to keep the posts coming.

My Day 3 and (so far) my Day 4 have been about researching what’s involved in setting up a personal, non FAA/Pixels website, purchasing domain names, and looking at which type of website building tools I want to use to make that happen. I read through some of the past discussions to see what other artists are doing, have been visiting some hosting websites that I’m considering, and even talking to a person on the help line of one the websites. I’m so ignorant at this point in time of all that I need to do and all the pitfalls I want to avoid, if possible, that it’s taking much more time than I imagined. There are lots of decisions to make.

For some time I’ve been wanting to come up with a domain name that would work for me. There are SO many Patricia Sanders out there (I’m the second one on FAA) and as I begin my efforts to market myself and my artwork I want to have a more unique domain name to identify me and my work and one that will be shorter to type in then my current FAA artist’s website name. Not having previously taken the time to figure this out in the past has been one of the reasons I haven’t been out there marketing myself (not too smart, I know!). I didn’t want to waste the time, effort and money that will be spent knowing I was going to make changes. I have no doubt that my procrastination has cost me business and has put me way behind where I’d like to be right now. The good news is this 365-day commitment is pushing me to action, and that is exciting and energizing.

I also spent some of Day 3 and Day 4 working on and mocking up some business card designs that I will likely print up once I know that my desired domain name is available and I’ve secured it for myself.

In working on the business card designs I found that what I have already come to love about this journey is all of you – even those who are not participating in this thread. Reading your blogs, comments, suggestions, and especially those amazing pearls of wisdom contained within, is generating SO many ideas for me right now and has helped in my business card design process and is helping in many other ways too. It is part of my business plan to learn from fellow artists, so thank you to all who share a piece of yourselves and your knowledge, and thank you in advance to those that will be doing so in the coming year.

On that note, … Mo, I loved reading all that you shared about your two years of doing a 365-day challenge. And it’s exciting to know that you efforts have paid off with a sale too (nice shot, by the way)! I’ve already begun to see hints of growth for myself just in these first few days mostly in how I approach the tasks I want to accomplish. You reminded me of my desire to have my camera with me all the time when I’m out and about. I also was reflecting on what you said about not waiting until the end of the day to complete the prompt and that led me to realize that I will likely be modifying certain aspects of my day-to-day life. I haven’t decided to what extent I might like to challenge myself to work on a specific prompt everyday to guide what I shoot, but I’m already starting to think about taking a different route to and from work, and/or taking different walks during my lunch break every day with camera in hand.


Her Arts Desire

4 Months Ago

I didn't want to be the only one contributing to this thread so I've stayed away for several days. In the meantime, as part of my 365-day project I've been working on images for my solar eclipse gallery and uploaded earlier today the ones you see below. They are mostly composite images of the stages of the eclipse put into a circle and then that circle of images either inside or outside another eclipse image(s). I've got one or two more to complete and then that collection/gallery will be done until the next solar event. so one item just about checked off my to do list.

2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun by Patricia Sanders Total Solar Eclipse - Corona by Patricia Sanders

Total Solar Eclipse - Diamond Ring by Patricia Sanders From Bright to Night - Total Solar Eclipse by Patricia Sanders

All Stages of a Total Solar Eclipse by Patricia Sanders

In terms of this discussion thread, I'm tempted to close it if no one else is participating. I thought I'd leave it open maybe until the end of January to see if it picks up any traction, and if not, close it then. My hope had been to share the progress of goals for the year with others in a dedicated thread but only if others are willing to join in. Time will tell.


Nancy Merkle

4 Months Ago

I've enjoyed reading through this thread and have found it inspiring. Although I have unofficially always done this kind of goal setting in the past, it is a wonderful reminder that one always needs to be setting new goals and working toward achieving them. Thank you.


Kathy K McClellan

4 Months Ago

Update on my 365 Challenge through Our Arts Magazine:

I have managed to participate and post 6 out of 8 days. The days that I am not creating an image I am writing. I have done both on some days. It may be copy for a FB post, an e-mail to a friend or some other written communication.

I really wish if any of you are using the OAM subjects for your art that you would post them and share with us there. It helps to encourage and motivate others.

For those of you who are working on ANY challenge this year: Good luck and great thoughts to you!


This discussion is closed.

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