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Shen ya Shen

10 Months Ago

Shenya Custom Made Painting

The lines and texture of the painting are the soul and essence of it. If you say the painting is the external surface, then, the lines and texture will be the internal layer.
The painting, essentially as a gate, helps people to pass through and reach another world, that is the mystery school.  And the feelings or emotions that people have when they copy the painting are the introjected images of the mystery school entering into their own world of value. So, different people copying the same painting may have different feelings and emotions.

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Susan Maxwell Schmidt

10 Months Ago

Are you encouraging people to copy your art or am I misreading something?

Susan Maxwell Schmidt
So-so Board Moderator and
Artist Extraordinaire


Marlene Burns

10 Months Ago

It is a translation problem. Instead of using the word 'copy', it would be more clear to use the word 'follow.'
It seemed pretty clear to me.


Shen ya Shen

10 Months Ago

Yes ,thank you your advice. It is not really 'copying' the Shenya's Art,just 'following' the the lines and texture of the painting by your finger.

Each form of art has its unique way of appreciation. Shenya's painting can be appreciated and integrated into through following. This is a communication bridge of art.


Mike Savad

10 Months Ago

this is the third thread on the same topic btw.

---Mike Savad


Shen ya Shen

10 Months Ago

Water color painting by Shenya.
New school of painting: Supernaturalism


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