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Rick Berk

7 Months Ago

Minus 14f!!

So as has been noted in another post, we in the northeastern US are in the middle of an extreme deep freeze. Yesterday I decided to venture out to capture images featuring sea smoke, the phenomenon that occurs when extremely cold air moves over warmer waters. When I arrived at my destination the temperature read -14°F with a wind chill of -24! Thankfully, I wasn’t the only photographer exhibiting such dedication (or questionable sanity!) this day, as I ran into at least two dozen other photographers doing the same thing I was. It was a great way to ring in the new year.
What are the most extreme conditions you’ve ever endured to create your art?

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JC Findley

7 Months Ago

I used to like to shoot during the Nor'easters. I have shot with an actual temp of -20 where I had to warm the battery in my pocket to get about six shots before it would die.


Chuck De La Rosa

7 Months Ago

Wow that's cold! Beautiful shot! We were just in Escanaba, MI last week. The day we left it was -13 with a -31 wind chill.

The older I get the less inclined I am to shoot when the temps are low. I'm getting soft. I shot this maybe 12/13 years ago when it was 6 above. That's probably one of the coldest days I've ever shot on.

calatrava chuck de la rosa


Jim Sauchyn

7 Months Ago

We had -31C last weekend here in central Alberta which is about -24F. I didn't even leave my home. I have shot in cold winter weather but it must be hard on the camera so I rarely do.


Rick Berk

7 Months Ago

My production is definitely down in winter months but I love the scenes so I try to get out at least a few times. Especially when the conditions are something special.


JC Findley

7 Months Ago

My production is almost nill down here in the winter as it is just boring. The temps don't bother me at all if there was snow or sea smoke or ice but dead looking trees just bore me.


Rick Berk

7 Months Ago

That’s one of the reasons I love Maine, JC. The evergreens are everywhere along the coast so even if there isn’t snow, it’s still pretty. Add in some snow and I have four seasons of interesting shooting.


Mary Bedy

7 Months Ago

JC I LOVE dead trees. They have a lot of character!

That said, I was trying to shoot in the local playground about four years ago when it was about -10 and windy. I didn't last very long. Ended up in the car trying to shoot snowflakes on the windshield with my macro lens.


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