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Terry Tuley

1 Month Ago

Selling Art?

I have been on Etsy for over a year and have had over 800 visits to my website. I have yet to sell the first painting. Is there any suggestions or tips anyone can give to help get that first one sold?

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JC Findley

1 Month Ago

Hi Terry and welcome.

I don't know much about selling originals but the first thing you will need to do to sell prints is fix your images here and specifically the crop.

The images print as uploaded so you cannot have the edges showing.

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Mike Savad

1 Month Ago

800 views is a teeny tiny amount. since many of those are bots

Art Prints
presentation comes first, even if you are only selling prints. you can't have the crop look like this. it should be straight and clean. i think your underselling the original. you need more keywords and you have to advertise.

Sell Art Online
you can't have the frames on it either. this is also fuzzy up close, it has to be sharp. the keywords - blue heron isn't in the keywords at all. i see fishing and fisherman, which are both spam.

Photography Prints
besides bad crops, you have a lot of random images. they don't seem to follow a theme. they all seem to have a style, but when people shop, they go on themes. your keywords are generic, if this was a particular mountain - mention that.

Photography Prints
then for some reason you have a few random photos mixed in here. this one is blurry. its also enlarged. about 2 times.

Sell Art Online
mostly you have presentation issues to fix first. inconsistent keywording as well.

start people in collections, and fill out he collections more. to have 1 single image in one collection looks silly, there should be at least 5 in each one. you need more work. after all of that is fixed, you have to tell people your here. your bio should be about your work, not your entire history of where you lived. i prefer first person.

---Mike Savad


Terry Tuley

1 Month Ago

Thanks for the advice. I will fix this.


You may have 'fishing' in the heron image, as he is if up in the tree like that


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