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Nick Sweet

7 Months Ago

Post Your Favorite Pic And Photography Style

I really enjoy going out at night and setting up a tripod to capture some pictures of the galaxy or look for a cool road to get some light paintings of the car light trails but I think my favorite style of photography is being able to take nice hike by a river or to a waterfall to capture the movement of the water and help it give off a glow or even finding a lake with a pretty background/foreground so that I can open my shutter and make the water look silky smooth.

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Edward Fielding

7 Months Ago

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Not sure I have a favorite but I enjoy finding unexpected things along my journey's and finding the right angle to shoot after exploring a scene.

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I also enjoy taking black and white image to the max with dodging and burning.


Matthias Hauser

7 Months Ago

This is not easy as both (my favorite pics and my style) are changing from time to time but I always loved (and love) minimalist images:

Tree in the snow Art Print

Tree with lots of snow, captured in Austria some years ago.

Trees in winter black and white Photography Print

Winter minimalism: bare trees and snow.

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Bill Tomsa

7 Months Ago

I recently find myself shooting more and more in b/w and sepia. Eliminating the color in many cases, puts more emphasis, IMO, on the subject matter.

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Bill Tomsa


Shelli Fitzpatrick

7 Months Ago

I am a digital artist who uses my photos to create my art with, not a photographer, but I really love taking macro shots of odd things and flowers and bugs... This is one of my abstract macro photos.

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RD Erickson

7 Months Ago

Style - don't even know what that is for me. I like nature - waterfalls, butterflies, flowers, landscapes, trees, bridges, old houses and barns, cows with horns, . . . actually what ever is in front of me that catches my eye. IF I could, I'd like to do just cow art - I grew up on a farm - and I like cows - especially those with horns. But then you asked about my favorite photo - I don't know - but at the moment it is probably this one. I just like the composition.

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Wildlife Fine Art

7 Months Ago

Mountain lion Art Prints
Wildlife action !


Mo T

7 Months Ago

Photography Prints


Gary Fossaceca

7 Months Ago

Photography Prints


Jeff Breiman

7 Months Ago

Watching the sunrise.

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