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Thomas Zimmerman

10 Months Ago

So Whatever Happened To The Shipping?

Could we please get an update on what is being done about some fulfillment centers charging a whole lot more than other fulfillment centers to ship large canvas prints etc.?

If the answer is nothing is or will be done.....that would be a great answer. At least we would know.

Just putting out some marketing plans for the year and the answer to this question will greatly effect how I market my work in 2018. I don't want to be disrespectful or rude, just asking if we could be filled in on if Sean is ok with this "feature", or if there will be movement to normalize the shipping across the board.

ANY information from staff would be appreciated. If there has been another thread that i have missed I apologize. Please lets not bash FAA...all I am looking for is honest information.

Thank you for your time.

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Adam Jewell

10 Months Ago

It looks like things are not bonkers like before The few addresses I put in for a 60 inch canvas vary within a reasonable range. Nothing came up more than $100 as a shipping charge.

It would be nice to hear roughly what to expect for shipping charges in the US anyway or some kind of range to expect.


Abbie Shores

10 Months Ago

No information to give. I'm sorry.


Thomas Zimmerman

10 Months Ago



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